Stile Antico explores sensual music made spiritual during the Renaissance


BRATTLEBORO >> Kingdom County Productions/Marlboro College presents Stile Antico, a British Choral Ensemble set to perform in the Brattleboro concert exploring sensual music made spiritual during the Renaissance.

They say that the Devil has all the best tunes, and it will hard to disagree after hearing the enthralling Renaissance choral work that will be performed by the Grammy-nominated British early music ensemble Stile Antico at 7:30 p.m, on Wednesday, April 13 at the First Baptist Church, 190 Main St., Brattleboro. The concert will be presented by Kingdom County Productions and Marlboro College with additional support from the Littauer Fund for religion and the arts, and The National Endowment for the Arts.

As Stile Antico traced the blurred boundary between sacred and secular music in the Renaissance, they encountered risqué, racy chansons transformed by Lassus, Morales and Victoria into devout Masses and Magnificats, and ribald folk songs worked into prayerful polyphony by Dufay and Taverner. Most shockingly of all, and in spite of the Church's disapproval, it was none other than the Cardinal of Milan who commissioned sacred texts to be fitted to some of Monteverdi's most frankly erotic madrigals, crowning Stile Antico's survey of three centuries of superb music.

Kingdom County Productions (KCP) and Marlboro College will present Stile Antico, one of the world's most vibrant and expressive vocal ensembles whose Renaissance music specialization has given its wide repertory new meaning and resonance. Leading critics are united in their praise of the twelve-person ensemble that was formed when a number of the singers found each other and began performing during their years of study at Cambridge University.

New Yorker critic Alex Ross called his experience of a Stile Antico concert, "Perhaps the most ravishing sound I heard this year." Steve Smith of the New York Times concurred, calling Stile, "an ensemble of breathtaking freshness, vitality, and balance." The Vancouver Sun called Stile Antico, "The best and most exciting new vocal ensemble in the world."

Tickets will be available at the door, $20 adults and $17 seniors – or they can be purchased in advance by calling 802-748-2600. Online sales are available at People wishing more information may contact KCP director Jay Craven (


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