Supporter of proposed Halifax quarry weighs in


HALIFAX -- Resident Keith Stone supports a quarry project that many others have opposed.

"It's not really abutting that close to anyone's line," he said. "I know they're awfully worried about trucks but they're only looking at five to 10 trucks a week. It's not tractor trailers. They're only looking at single-axle tandem trucks. This is all quarry stone they make table tops and counter tops with."

Last week, the Halifax Selectboard sent out a memo of answers to a questionnaire requested by lawyers representing the quarry project. That information will assist with the application for an Act 250 permit. In the memo, the Selectboard requested that it be kept updated as the process moves along.

According to Stone, Russell Denison, who owns the 1,200 acres on Jacksonville Stage Road where the quarry would be centrally located, has paid taxes on the property for years. He had tried to donate the land to the National Rifle Association in the '90s but was unsuccessful.

"(Denison) has spent a lot of money on this to get it going. He's been at this for longer than a few months," said Stone.

Discussion regarding the project had started when the Selectboard received notification that preliminary Act 250 paperwork was submitted. About 50 residents signed a petition to adopt interim zoning that could have helped delay the quarry from being developed.

"A project of this scale was not anticipated when the zoning bylaws were written," said Dr. Sue Kelly, a resident who opposed the project. "So it would be wise to bring the bylaws into accord with the Town Plan."

The proposal was rejected by the Selectboard. Board member Edee Edwards told the Reformer that there was other aspects of zoning that also needed review.

"We were planning to work on all of those elements together," she said.

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