Ten Minute Play Festival in its second week


WEST CHESTERFIELD, N.H. >> This year's Ten Minute Play Festival marks the eighth annual return, and features seven winners of the theatre's year-long Regional Competition. "The Festival was established to encourage the production of new works from New England writers while exposing our actors and new directors to the techniques and practices of working with playwrights and producing new plays," explained producer/director Jim Bombicino. The winning scripts were selected by a committee of playhouse directors according to established criteria for quality ten minute plays. Actors Theatre Playhouse also considered factors such as how well plays could be staged in its space, what scripts would work together for a balanced evening of theater, and how well audiences would receive them. "This festival is a win-win," Bombicino said. "The playwright gets his or her play produced and ATP directors get an opportunity to refine their craft in a collaborative atmosphere."

The Festival begs the question: What do the following have in common? A young woman battles voices in her head about her past; Alexander the Great meets his match; Someone makes a decision to go on a blind date that could be good even if it kills them; A mother and child find perfection snow sculpting Michelangelo's David; Life imitates art – or something like that; and What should you do when your 70th High School reunion beckons! Clue: They're all part of this year's festival. Bet you can't see just one!

Four performances only remain and reservations are highly recommended. For more information or to reserve tickets contact ATPlayhouse.org, call Fridays and Saturdays, June 10 to 25, toll free at 877-666-1855.

The Actors Theatre Playhouse is located on the corner of Brook and Main streets, West Chesterfield, NH.


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