The solution to conflict? Ice cream


So, what’s the point of war? Honestly, of all the things man invented, it’s one of the few things we keep investing in ... billions and billions and billions. Imagine if we invested even 1 percent of that into a new ice cream maker. We’d all be so happy that we could probably make war go by the way of Betamax, eight-track tape and the rotary dial phone!

Now, before you go off thinking that I’m making a joke about war, you can all pipe down and relax. Where I’m going is far from that. In fact, I intend on pointing out how stupid conflict is. And if we’re gonna talk conflict, let’s talk its poster child -- Palestine and Israel.

Yeah, this thing got ugly in a hurry. But let’s forget what we all think started it and let’s get right into the craw of it: and that’s hate. Hate is really what fuels this thing, coupled with ignorance, and the unwillingness to seek change.

I’m not here to take sides, but if I were, I would take Israel’s just for the record. Now the reason I would take that side is they seem to be the ones who are seeking peace the most. That aside, there has been so much bad blood between these two that nobody can see it clearly anymore, so they’re just gonna keep slugging it out.

We had a very similar thing happen here in the United States. At first we called it slavery, and then segregation, until we finally forced it behind closed doors, where it still exists. But in order to display it you need a permit. A permit to hate!

For some reason, Israel seems to be holding its own in this war. And when you stop to think about it, it’s pretty impressive because the equivalent would be Vermont holding its own against the rest of New England. But here’s the bottom line: What’s the point? Why can’t they simply live in peace? Well, that very same question can be asked of our leaders, too. The answer is surprising ... are you ready? Stupidity.

Stupid keeps our police departments and armed forces busy. Stupid is unable to see that the person you’ve been trying to bomb your whole life could be your best friend and, moreover, that person likely never did a thing to you. Now mix that with a little ignorance and you’ve got a conflict that won’t end. It’s exhausting.

I’m not really sure why somewhere in the world there always has to be conflict. But we know it’s possible to live without conflict. The Hopis have always lived in peace, except when we came and took the land -- but let’s not get caught in those details.

I was saying to my wife the other day, "I never want to have a physical altercation again, I never want to feel like I’m being pushed to a point that I have to thump somebody." Yet, not a few days prior to that statement, while crossing the street, a man banged right into my wife and just kept walking. My wife threw out the sentiment "Excuse me," in exchange for saying something worse, followed by "That’s what you say when you plow into somebody."

He responded by flipping her off and I responded by dropping into war mode and if my wife hadn’t grabbed me I would have caught him and most likely punched him. It’s ingrained in us to fight. My wife wasn’t hurt -- shaken, but she’s tough, and she knew it wasn’t worth it.

So what if all those involved in conflict could, if you will, turn the other cheek. After all we’re all human and mistakes will happen. But if we could just stop and think about it, give it the preverbal "10" count, we could probably just sit back and relax and live a world in peace, and frankly... figure out how to make a better ice cream maker. What the hell is up with that?

Fish is the morning talent on Classic Hits 92.7 FM. He also offers up his opinion on-line at www.whatda E-mail him at fish@wk


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