True Stories 'Moth' style being told at Main Street Arts


SAXTONS RIVER >> Area storytellers will be sharing their insights, experiences and secrets at a special presentation of "A Night of True Stories" at Main Street Arts in Saxtons River on Jan. 22. The show will begin at 7:30. Tickets are $16 in advance, $18 at the door.

In this all-new show, inspired by public radio's "The Moth," presenters will share a short story about an event in their life that story-tellers such as Rick Cowan hope will "provide excitement, insight and laughter."

According to Main Street Arts' Margo Ghia, "Ever since we did our first edition of "True Stories," area audiences have been asking for us to stage a similar event." Ghia said, the earlier show, "was probably one of the most talked about events we've ever produced. Whenever we've brought up the idea of doing a new version, people will start talking about 'The Bean and The Ambulance Story,' 'The River', or 'The Breakup.' And that was just one show from more than two years ago."

She said that in the last show, "People were, thoughtful, sometimes brutally funny, and they told remarkably revealing stories about some of the events in their lives."

Much like the previous show, this episode will feature a mix of experienced story tellers and first-time story tellers.

That mix is what makes "True Stories" so compelling. According to show producer Annesa Hartman, "Part of the excitement of putting the show together, part of the excitement for the audience, and the presenters is that it's a bit of a high-wire act. You can't know what will happen next."

Why do it? Why expose yourself in this way? Cowan said the answer was simple. "Story telling builds a bond like no other."

Hartman agreed, saying it one reason the show works so well is because of Main Street Arts intimate setting.

"One difference between Shows like Public Radio's The Moth Story Hour and our True Stories is that you can see the story tellers reacting and connecting to the audience, and vice versa. Plus the story tellers live in the area. You've seen them on the street. Maybe you know one or two of them personally. It's like having someone you see at the bank of the grocery store come up and tell you one of the most astonishing things you've ever heard. You really appreciate the richness of the lives of all the people all around you."

Cowan added that for the performers, "We all know that our friends and neighbors have lived through all manner of remarkable experiences. And what is a real friend but someone out there who knows and appreciates your story?"

Main Street Arts Heptebo Theater is fully accessible and located in its newly renovated building at 35 Main Street in Saxtons River, VT. For more information contact Margo Ghia at 802-869-2960 or go online


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