Twin Valley Honor Roll for Quarter 1


Highest Honors, Seniors: Kirra Courchesne. High Honors, Seniors: Douglas Lazelle, Jr., Joseph Niemczyk, Theresa Snow, Todd Trumble. Honors, Seniors: Caleb Brooks, Baylee Crawford, Maya Holschuh, Teya Johnson, Andrew Lange, Rebecca Lazelle, Jordon Longe, Kyle Murdock, Kaylea Niles, Nicholas Nilsen, Gavin Sweeter.

Highest Honors, Juniors: Chad Bernard, Ethan Fox, Caitlin Hunt, Megan Kehoe, Kyla Lavoy, Kyle Lazelle, Samantha Morse, Kassidy Walkowiak, Morgan Wheeler. High Honors, Juniors: Alexis Betit, Felicia Betit, Tabitha Felisko, Karlee Walkowiak. Honors, Juniors: Skyler Boyd, Alec Crosier, Robyn Cunningham, Charlie Cutler, Dylan Florence, Hannah Gaines, Bailey Gouin, Gabrielle Gramazio, Hailey Howe, Kayla Kittredge, Thomas Marchionna, Brett Swanson.

Highest Honors, Sophomores: Mallory Bauer, Tatyanna Bowman, Tayler Courchesne, Rayvenne Duncan, Kendell Howe, Logan Park, Cooper Pell, Grace Rizio, Molly Wrathall. High Honors, Sophomores: Kimberley Betit, Melanie Dow, Taylor Kelley, Joy Kondracki, James McGovern, Leah Putnam, Hayden Reed, Ryan Sweeter. Honors, Sophomores: Roxanne Birch, Jordyn Bolognani, Joshua Carpenter-O'Hearn, Callie Dix, Emma Durphey, Samuel Kehoe, Joseph Rafus, Olivia Zschirnt.

Highest Honors, Freshmen: Kylie Boyd, Olivia Genella, Morgen Janovsky, Maria Page. High Honors, Freshmen: Dylan Howe, Adele Lucier, William Queenie. Honors, Freshmen: Trevor Berry, Fredic Byarm, Cole Cunningham, William Florence, Jarrett Niles, Chase Speigel, Ethan Williams, Arik Wing.


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