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Saturday January 12, 2013

Incidents of flu appear to be on the rise in Vt.

MONTPELIER (AP) -- Incidents of the flu appear to be rising in Vermont.

As of last week, about 20 percent of hospital visits were for respiratory illnesses and about 5 percent of visits to doctors’ offices were for flu-like symptoms. Three adults have died so far, all of them in December. Vermont Health Department officials say the rates of the flu are higher than other years in Vermont but the number of deaths does not appear out of the ordinary. A total of 10 people died from the flu last year; seven in 2011 and zero in 2010.

Vt. Senate committees have new leaders

MONTPELIER (AP) -- Six of the 11 committees of the Vermont Senate are getting new chairs. The Senate Committee on Committees removed Sen. Virginia Lyons from her long-time post chairing the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee and replacing her with Sen. Robert Hartwell.

Sen. Kevin Mullin moves from the chair of the Education Committee to Economic Development, with Sen. Richard McCormack taking over at the Education Committee.

Sen. Robert Starr takes over the Agriculture Committee, Sen. Tim Ashe replaces Sen. Ann Cummings as chair of the Finance Committee and Sen. Margaret Flory takes over the Institutions Committee.

Vermont Gas hears objections to pipeline

MONKTON (AP) -- A number of Monkton residents oppose a proposed natural gas pipeline route, saying it’s too close to their homes.

Vermont Gas is proposing the line to International Paper in Ticonderoga, N.Y., would run through Monkton on its way to Lake Champlain.


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