Voters to face many decisions in Jamaica for Town Meeting

Tuesday February 26, 2013

JAMAICA -- Three Selectboard positions are up for election this year, along with several other town offices.

No one has announced that they are running against the incumbents.

The other offices up for election include lister, auditor, two constable positions, town grand juror, town agent, trustee of public funds, agent to deed land and two library trustees.

"Sometimes you don't know if somebody's running," said Jamaica Selectboard Chairwoman Alexa Clark. "But usually you'll hear so-and-so is interested."

Residents will be asked if the town should eliminate the position of town auditor.

Last year, no one wanted to take the two open positions for auditors. When that happens, the Selectboard appoints interested parties.

"A couple of months went by and then a couple was interested," said Clark. "We don't want to get into the same situation again where we have to appoint it."

Clark said it's a difficult position and the town may look to hire an outside auditor.

The voters will decide whether a revenue surplus of $36,570 should be transferred to the town's Flood Reserve Fund.

Clark said the board decided to ask the voters to put that money in the Flood Reserve fund, "because we know we'll need future construction on our infrastructure, so we can use it for that."

Article 7 says, "To see if the voters will authorize the Selectboard to borrow money in anticipation of taxes."

This is just in case not all the expected revenue from the collection of taxes comes in by Oct. 1. It would give the board permission to borrow money to keep the town running.

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