Walpole Planning Board approves lot line adjustment

Saturday October 13, 2012

WALPOLE, N.H. -- In a short public hearing at Tuesday’s meeting, the town’s Planning Board approved a lot line adjustment involving two abutting residents.

Sheldon Sawyer is selling six of his 29 acres of land to Chris Ricci, who will add it to his own five acres, and the adjustment had to go through the planning board.

The motion to approve passed unanimously in the public hearing at the beginning of the meeting and the matter was settled in just a few minutes.

Bill Lawrence, a land surveyor who has previously done work for Sawyer and Ricci, presented his plans and explained that there will be an increase in Ricci’s acreage. There will be no new lots created, he said.

Once the plans were signed by Planning Board Chairman Jeff Miller, Lawrence left the meeting.

"Sometimes they’re not (so quick), but the Walpole Planning Board is pretty good with everything," Lawrence said.

Sawyer said he is selling to Ricci because he wanted to get rid of it and Ricci was looking to buy it.

"It’s a piece of land that will augment what (Ricci) already owns so that he has enough land to, if he wishes, put it into current use or do whatever he wants to with it," Sawyer said after the meeting had adjourned, adding he wasn’t doing anything with the land.

Miller said the motion to approve passed without any discussion because the plan is so minor.

"If you’re creating a new lot in town you need frontage and they’re creating," he said. "They’re just increasing the lot size."

In other business:

The board approved a lighting amendment to the town’s site plan review.

There had been some complaints from town residents about lights attached to a tractor supply store building.

Steve Dalessio, an alternate of the planning board, said very little was added to the section of "Illumination" -- there were just some clarifications that needed to be made.

Some wording was added about interior lighting.

"We didn’t restrict it in anyway. We just ask that developers be sensitive to that and when they give their presentation to just explain how they may be able to control some of that light and glare," he said. "The other thing we did was ask for full cover-up lighting fixtures to help preserve the dark sky, which is something the state of New Hampshire has recommended that towns look at."

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