Westminster woman denies agg assault with weapon


BRATTLEBORO >> A Westminster woman is denying allegations that she held a gun to her ex-husband's head last week.

Brenda Barbour, 47, is facing one count of aggravated domestic assault, first degree with a weapon, as well as reckless endangerment. Barbour was arraigned on Tuesday, which were reported on July 15 at 07:33 p.m. when the victim reported that his ex-wife "pulled a gun on him," according to the affidavit written by Trooper Gary Salvatore of the Vermont State Police.

The victim reported that when the gun was held to his head, Barbour said to him, "I want to blow your (expletive) brains out!" Court documents show the altercation began when the victim went to Barbour's house to pick up a child, but upon arrival Barbour began demanding money. According to the affidavit, the victim tried to explain a payment plan he wanted to utilize and Barbour then stated, "Get out of my house or I'll shoot you." As written, the victim agreed to leave but not before swearing at her.

According to the affidavit, when Barbour held the gun to the victim's head, the victim said he may have heard the hammer of the pistol being cocked with a witness saying, "That gun is loaded." The victim reports in the affidavit that he and the witness then ran out to his vehicle, which was parked on the property.

However, a dispatcher from Vermont State Police reported that Barbour called dispatch and advised something a bit different. Barbour reported to the Vermont State Policer dispatcher that her ex-husband forced a child and a friend into his vehicle and started arguing with her at her house.

"Brenda advised that she slammed the door on him, but that he forced his way into the house," Salvatore wrote in the affidavit.

Later that evening, according to court documents, Barbour met with troopers to discuss the incident. Barbour reported that she had told the victim she did not want him to enter her home and slammed the door and ran upstairs. She contended he let himself into her home, kicked open the bedroom door and came at her in an "aggressive manner." In response, she yelled at him, telling him to get out of her house or she would shoot him.

In the affidavit, Barbour admitted to pulling out a .22 caliber from her dresser, but not to lifting the weapon to the victim's head.

"I advised Brenda that I was charging her with first degree aggravated domestic assault for putting a gun to the back of (the victim's) head during their altercation," Salvatore wrote in the affidavit. "Brenda denied ever doing this and claimed she was the victim."

Salvatore further noted that all parties involved had roughly the same base story, but details were "off." Salvatore also told Barbour that she "corroborated" her ex-husband's story when she admitted to pulling a gun out of her dresser and threatening him with it.

Barbour's son made a sworn statement, saying, "It's not the first time (the victim) has pushed his way into a building or room to physically or mentally abuse my mother."

On Tuesday, Barbour was given conditions of release.

According to Judge Catherine Hayes, a hearing will be held Wednesday, July 27.

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