Westminster's Kurn Hattin homes


WESTMINSTER — Kurn Hattin Homes for Children celebrated its 123 volunteers at the May 4 Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

School Principal Noah Noyes thanked the volunteers.

"Kurn Hattin is so fortunate to have so many kind, generous, and dedicated volunteers," she said. "In addition to their commitment to deserving children, they are excellent role models of community service. They are truly an integral part of Kurn Hattin."

The children gave their thanks as well and presented the volunteers with a handmade thank you card and a Kurn Hattin pen. Volunteers being celebrated were: William Abbott, Donna Aldrich, Daniel Antosiewicz, Jean Anderson, Jerry and Linda Bardwell, Christopher W. Barry, Diane Bazin, Jeff Bianconi, Michael Blau, Mark Bodin, John Bohannon, Barbara Brackett, Gordon Bristol, Stephanie Brown, Scott Bundy, Deborah Burrows, Phil Caliendo, Fran Cheslock, Keith Clark, Paul Clough, Pat Crotty, Darrel and Marion Daley, Jaime Dansereau, Sr., Ruth DeMone, Shirley Doyle, Tim Eno, Deborah Fajans, Michael Fawcett, Bill Fenn, Amy Fletcher, Justin Fuller, Chris Goding, Terry Gulick, Christopher Hackett, Nancy Hamblet, Deb Hamel, Father Lance W. Harlow, Martha Harrington, Elizabeth & Mike Henry, Chris & Jean Hodsden, Marya Holcombe, John A. Hubbard, Geoffrey Illingworth, Stacey Illingworth, Lyssa Jackson, Carol Johnson, Barbara Joy, Charles P. Kelsey, Doreen Kelton, Kenneth King, Kay Kloppenburg, Jon Korpela, Michelle Laurendeau, Bertha Lawrence, Abigail Littlefield, James A. Lynch, Reverend Sami McRae, Elizabeth Maiola, Jackie Mallory, Jimmy Malley, Rick Manson, Bruce Martin, Barbara Matteson, Taylor Maynard, Walter B. Menzel, Kathleen Michel, Corey Mitchell, Jeanne Moore, Marilyn E. Moore, David Morse, Rhonda Nolan, George Nostrand, Sue Nostrand, Michael J. Obuchowski, Frank Patterson, Rebecca Pedigo, Phil Perlah, Mrs. Frank J. Prindl, Rita Ramirez, John & Laura Reed, Leslie Vander Meuler Richards, Caryl Richardson, James Robertson, Anita Roy, William J. Scarlett, IV, Amy Sciacca, Sheldon Scott, Donald Shaughnessy, Robert & Elaine Sinclair, Tina Smith, Merton Snow, Lindsey Soboleski, Janice Sussebach, Dr. Vernon Temple, Polly Thompson, Matt Tomberg, Roberta Violette, Virginia Watson, Joan Willey, Janet Wilson, Greg Worden, and Bette Wunderle.

Also recognized were numerous dedicated staff members who volunteer during their free time.

If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities at Kurn Hattin Homes, call 802-721-6924 and speak with Martha Ruffle.


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