Why not southern Vermont?

Thursday December 27, 2012

If at first you do succeed, try again!

We know that’s not exactly the way that classic phrase goes, but please allow us to coin a new one for today.

After a successful 5-second showing in Times Square earlier this year, Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce Director Jerry Goldberg decided to make another go of this promotional endeavor ... and this time he brought along a couple of colleagues for the ride.

(Truth be told, that 5 seconds was really more like 10 minutes of Times Square exposure, collectively.)

Goldberg, along with the chamber directors for Mount Snow Valley and Manchester and the Mountains, has put together a new, 5-second clip, promoting Southern Vermont as a tourist destination via the big (and we mean big!) screens in New York’s famous Times Square.

And what better time for such exposure than New Year’s Eve?

According to a release, "the 5-second commercial features all three destinations with a series of local images. The spot will be featured on ABC’s Astrovision screen as well as on the brand-new Times Square screen and will run in rotation on each screen 120 times from Thursday, Dec. 27, through Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2013."

(Remember when we said "big." That Astrovision screen is 5,000 square feet!)

The promotion will also include a full-page ad in Horizon magazine, which is distributed to approximately 100,000 Wall Street Journal subscribers in the New York City metropolitan area.

"The big story this time is that those of us responsible for promoting southern Vermont, we really feel how important it is to promote southern Vermont as a major destination," Goldberg told the editorial board on Wednesday, following the announcement. "A lot of tourists are shooting up and shooting past. We’re saying, ‘Take a look around. You can find what you’re looking for in Southern Vermont. And save some mileage to boot!’"

The initial Brattleboro The One and Only campaign ran for a week in the beginning of September, and we lauded the creative approach at the time, promoting Vermont as not just simply a winter tourist destination.

So, did Goldberg see any success from that run?

"One of the reasons I did it was to get Brattleboro -- the one and only Brattleboro -- on people’s screens," Goldberg said. "While the ad itself may not have done a lot, the coverage of the ad did a lot to get the name Brattleboro out there."

Indeed, the unusual campaign was picked up by various news outlets and must have created enough of a buzz to create fans of the idea.

"I think it shows, that my colleagues at Mount Snow Valley Chamber and Manchester and the Mountains chamber were on board immediately and without question ... They see the value there, too."

We applaud the move, also. It would appear, to many outside of the area, that a true Vermont vacation can only be had when you trek up into the central part of the state. But southern Vermont -- Windham and Bennington counties -- fulfill the needs of any tourists. From the outlets in Manchester and the slopes at Mount Snow and Stratton, to the deep history on display in Bennington and the vibrant arts scene in Brattleboro and its surrounding towns, what more could one ask for? Add to that the plethora of local restaurants and bed and breakfasts, and you can’t go wrong.

So we hope this effort does well to promote the values of southern Vermont to the rest of the country. And while we’re at it, we’ll pitch southern Vermont as a good place to "stay-cation" at, too -- for daytrips or weekend getaways.

Kudos, once again, for our local officials thinking outside of the box to promote the good our region has to offer.


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