Wilmington's Chimney Hill Clubhouse under renovation

Tuesday June 18, 2013

WILMINGTON -- The Chimney Hill Clubhouse will be open to its members again on June 22, after about a month of renovations.

"We're doing an expansion, improvements and updating to the facility," said Chimney Hill Owners Association President Ken Spicer. "It brings us more in line with amenities offered in similar developments within the area. We wanted to try to keep pace with them in terms of upscale amenities, not only for our owners, but to maintain or increase our property value and encourage buyers to purchase properties as well."

After receiving requests for an exercise room and upgrades for the rest rooms, the association decided it was time to do a complete renovation to the Clubhouse.

One of the goals was to make the building comply with ADA guidelines. Spicer said that originally the association included 80 homes and now it includes 542 homes. As the population grew, so did the needs of its members.

In April, the Chimney Hill Owners Association usually closes the Clubhouse from Easter through Memorial Day for general maintenance. The outdoor pool and patios are usually prepared and opened during that time.

"We decided it would be a good time to start construction," said Spicer. "We're doing it in phases to limit the inconveniences to our owners."

By June 22, the building should be back open for member use. Exterior construction will still be under way as well as some interior work that includes replacing fixtures and hanging paintings. This should only slightly limit the use of the building for members, Spicer said.

In the fall, the Chimney Hill Owners Association has plans for an additional phase of the project, which includes the breaking of walls and rest room renovations. An exercise room will also be added during construction. The Clubhouse should be open again during the winter.

Next year, the association plans to have full decking and siding replacements for the building.

The project includes the use of Vermont materials and local labor. Architecture plans were made by LineSync. Rayl Construction Company handled building renovations. Swan Electric, Rembrandt Design and Kingsley Plumbing were other local contractors hired for the job.

"We really wanted to keep the Vermont character to the building," said Spicer." We've done that but we still want to incorporate the newer and updated amenities people have come to expect as well. Our goal was not to turn it into a generic type of facility."

On June 16, the interior upgrades were nearly complete for the assigned phase. The size of the gathering area and the indoor pool area were increased. The flooring and lighting in the building was redone, and the kitchen was ripped out and upgraded.

The entrance ways and hallways have been upgraded to comply with ADA guidelines. An ADA approved lift was installed so handicapped members could get to the second floor.

The Chimney Hill Clubhouse was a structure built sometime between the late 60s and early 70s. The association has done basic maintenance over the years. The facility offers an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, saunas, a hot tub and gathering rooms.

"It's always been the flagship of our association," said Spicer. "It's something everyone uses."

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