Windham Regional Career Center holds senior celebration


BRATTLEBORO -- The Windham Regional Career Center held its Senior Celebration Evening June 11 in the Brattleboro Area Middle School multipurpose room with senior displays for the parents to view in the BAMS cafeteria. The celebration was in honor of the Center’s graduating seniors representing 20 different programs. Parents of our students enjoyed a pasta meal prepared by students in the Culinary program with assistance from instructors Chef Warner and Chef Fernandez. Michael Burnett, WRCC Director, welcomed Dr. Ron Stahley, Superintendent of the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union and Mr. Bob Woodworth, chairperson of the Regional Advisory Board, each saying a few words to start the ceremony. Michael Burnett introduced Tim Arsenault from WTSA, the keynote speaker for the evening.

A dance piece called "Drifting Off" was choreographed by Caitlin McCloskey-Meyer, one of the dance students during the 2012-13 school year, was performed for everyone by Caitlin McCloskey-Meyer, Rebekah Scott, Phoebe Green, and Sonya Marx. The piece was submitted to the national high school dance festival for the 2013-14 school year and was selected to be performed in a student choreography performance at the 2014 national high school dance festival in Miami.

Teachers and their chosen Most Improved Students were recognized receiving a certificate and key chain that was fabricated in the Machining program. The students were: Renee Reeves, Machining/Robotics; Kyle Patno, Architecture Design; Ryan Duford, Automotive Technology; Emma Chapman, Technical English; Cassie Gould, Business; Una Oarcea, Criminal Justice; Sam Rushton, Forestry & Natural Resources; Jordan Wheeler, Electronics; Corinne Epstein, Performing Arts - Acting; Greg LeClaire, Horticulture; Kayla Savage, Early Childhood Education/Medical Human; Jessica Mann, Technical Math; Hillary Renaud, Construction Trades; Alicia Hogenmiller, Business; Damon Tier, Culinary Arts; Hunter Brooks, Fire Service; Jenna Martin, Performing Arts -- Dance and Odell Bouchard, Digital Editing/Filmmaking.

Nine students were nominated and inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. Maribeth Cornell, NTHS advisor and instructor of WRCC Business classes introduced each student giving highlights about their skills and accomplishments. These students went through a rigorous essay based application process, earned an A each quarter in their Career Center program and maintained at least a B average in their other academic courses this year. The inductees are: Emma Chapman, Medical/Human Services; Katelyn Donovan, Business; Anna Mary Gaskill, Medical/Human Services; Daija Germain, Early Childhood Education; Maia Gilmour, Acting; Jeffrey Harlow, Criminal Justice; Kebrina Howard, Early Childhood Education; Hannah Lynde, Business and Oliver Pomazi, Medical Human Services.

Michael Burnett, WRCC Director, introduced Betsy Gentile for a special recognition of the WRCC Ambassador group. Members are: Haley George, Medical/Human Services; Trevor Houle and Shawn Lynch from the Fire Service program; Andrew Downs and Adison Clark, Culinary Program; Cassie Bratton and Adriana Rhodes from Forestry program; Daniel Stromberg and Jessie Waite, representing Automotive; Brian Guerino and Greta Larson, Film Making & Digital Editing; Daniel Fooks and Oliver Huestis, Business Management (B. Vinci’s); James Ferris, Jessica Fox and Katelyn Donovan from M. Cornell’s Business Management; Corinne Epstein, Acting; Nenah Fitch, Architecture; Claire Miramontes, Dance program; Robyn Avery from Engineering; Cesar Borges, Electronics; Matt Anderson representing Technical English and Max Streim representing Technical Math.

Burnett recognized students that were chosen as students of the month. They were: Sam Rushton, Forestry; Taegan Fletcher, EMR; Maia Gilmour, Acting; Ryan Chase, English/Automotive; Dan Fooks, WRCC Ambassador/Business and Ali Hahlal, Electronics.

The following scholarships and awards were presented: The Twin State Trucking Scholarship was presented by Jim Valliere, Automotive instructor, to Daniel Cutter. Mr. Valliere also presented the A’s Auto and Truck Repair Award (tool chest) to Jessica Waite. The Franklin Auto NAPA Parts Supplier Award (tool box and $50.) was presented to Charles Densmore. Mr. Valliere also presented the Vermont Automotive Enthusiasts Award to Daniel Cutter. Eleanor Thomas presented the Richard & Marion Thomas/Warner L. Thomas Student Scholarship to Marissa Semenovich, James Ferris and Katelyn Donovan. The Brattleboro Savings & Loan Scholarship was presented to Katelyn Donovan and Hannah Lynde by Donna Rathbun. Patti Hurd presented the Brattleboro Kiwanis Club of Brattleboro Scholarship to Sam Rushton. Robert Simeon, Construction Trades Instructor, presented the Raymond Harrington Award to Hillary Renaud. Chef Carl Warner presented the Greg Baird Award to Paul Blais. Chef also presented the Gouger’s Market & Deli Culinary Award to Casey Gould. Lisa Johnson, representing the Elks organization, presented the Ernest Flagg Scholarship to Hillary Renaud. Mr. David Hotin, Electronics instructor, presented the First Choice Communications Scholarship to Ali Hallal. Jen Moyse, Performing Arts - Dance instructor, presented the Brattleboro School of Dance Award to Rebekah Scott. Kate O’Connor, Executive Director, Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce and Jerry Goldberg, former Executive Director of the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce presented the "Skills for Success" Scholarship to Haley George. Mark Rivers representing the Allard Lumber Company presented the Allard Lumber Company Award to Jeff Harlow and Sam Rushton. Sam Rushton received the Land Stewards Award which was presented by Joan Weir. Dennis Hamilton, Forestry instructor, presented the Anthony Cersosimo Scholarships to Jeff Harlow and Sam Rushton. Dennis Hamilton then presented the Joseph Hamilton Scholarship to Sam Rushton. Mr. Hamilton also presented the Stuart Thurber/Doug Johnson Award to Sam Rushton. Duane Young presented the Brent Young Award to Tyler McCue. Frankie Gibson of the Brattleboro Garden Club presented an award to Sam Rushton. The Bill Graham Law Enforcement Award was presented by Sgt. Lee Laster to Jeff Harlow. The STEM Award was presented by Bill Reardon of VY IBEW to Nenah Fitch and Kevin Tao. Anne Doran presented the Vermont Honors Scholarship to Kayla Savage. Michael Burnett, WRCC Director, presented the James Cusick Memorial Award to Dan Fooks. Mr. Burnett also presented the William Dennen Outstanding Student Award to James Ferris.


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