Woodman Gymnastics holds Hip Hop Classics

Thursday March 21, 2013

BRATTLEBORO -- Gyms came from every state in New England to showcase their routines at Woodman Athletics' Hip Hop Classics Gymnastics Invitational this past weekend.

Woodman Athletics Level 9 Nenah Fitch dominated the uneven bars and beat her closest competitor by a full seven-tenths of a point. Fitch's bar routine is packed full of difficulty, and has a 10.0 start value, earning her the highest level 9 bar score in any age division. She also captured gold on the vault with her high-flying tuck tsuk that scored a 9.1.

This was 10-year-old teammate Ella Warner's first Level 8 meet. Warner performed a beautiful routine on balance beam and captured gold in the event with a 9.475. Warner's beam score was also the highest Level 8 beam score of the entire meet. She is the youngest Level 8 in the state of Vermont and was the only 10-year-old in the 10-12-year-old age division. She competed a tuck tsuk on vault for the first time and qualified for the State Meet as a Level 8 .

Lily Pabo, Sarah Young, and Janie Hawthorne took 7th place in the Level 7 team competition. Pabo captured gold on vault with a 9.25 and Young took 3rd on floor with a 9.3.

Moriah Pabo and Amelia Goldberg competed in the Level 6 individual competition. Pabo captured gold on both bars and beam.

Woodman's Level 5 team took 3rd in the team competition. Leila Young, Loren Pike and Maeve Smith competed in the child's age divisions. Young and Pike both took 3rd on vault in their age divisions.

In the Junior D age division, Lillie Richards captured gold on bars and Althea Champion took 2nd. On beam, Audrey Lamorder captured gold with a 9.025 and Champion took 3rd. On floor, Champion took 2nd and Richards took 3rd. And in the all-around, Champion took 2nd and Richards took 3rd.

Kendall Solomon and Sawyer Beauchamp represented the Woodman team in the Senior 12 age division. Solomon captured gold on vault with a 9.2, took 2nd on bars, and 3rd in the all-around. Nicolette Rivas, Cassie Dunn and Sarah Williams competed in the Senior 13+ age division. Dunn took 2nd on vault, followed by Williams in 3rd. Rivas took 2nd on bars and Williams took 3rd. Rivas also took 2nd on floor. In the all-around, Rivas took 2nd and Dunn took 3rd.

Woodman's Level 4 team took 3rd in the team competition. Brianna Paul captured gold on beam in the Junior 9 age division with a 9.4. Paul also took 3rd on vault. Woodman Girls dominated the all-around competition in the Junior 10 age division, taking the top five spots. Tula Campman captured gold in the all-around, followed by Ellie Flynn in 2nd, Avery White in 3rd, Kate Perrin in 4th and Challie Vicary in 5th. Courtney Solomon took 7th. Campman captured gold on vault, beating out teammate Vicary by only a half of a tenth. On bars, White took 1st, Perrin took 2nd and Flynn took 3rd. On beam, Flynn took 1st, and Campman and White tied for 2nd. On floor, Campman took 1st and Kate Perrin took 3rd. Julia Angell and Anja Stolper competed in the Level 4 Junior 11 age division. Angell took 1st on vault, 2nd on bars, 3rd on beam and 2nd in the all-around. Stolper took 3rd on floor.

Woodman gymnasts dominated the vault in the Senior age division. Sarah Gallagher took 1st with a 9.45, Ivy Dall took 2nd and Heidi Fales took 3rd. Gallagher also captured gold on bars and beam to earn her the title of all-around champion. Dall tied for 2nd on bars and Fales took 3rd on floor. Pooja Meyer also competed in the Senior age division and Sara Perrin represented Woodman Athletics in the Ch 8 age division.

Woodman Athletes Elena Tansley, Maya Ginsberg and Sophie Knittle captured gold in the Xcel Platinum team competition. In the Senior 15+ age division, Knittle tied for 2nd on vault, took 2nd on bars and beam, and 2nd in the all-around. Ginsberg captured gold on beam with a 9.1, took 3rd on bars and floor, and 3rd in the all-around. Tansley took 2nd on vault and bars, and 3rd on beam and floor to earn her 2nd place standing in the all-around in the Junior 10-14 age division.

Xixi Matathias captured gold in the all-around in the Xcel Gold Senior age division. Matathias also tied for 2nd on vault and took 3rd on bars. Ellen Greenwood captured gold on vault, Madeline Rapp took 3rd on floor, and Jess Goulas finished out the Xcel Gold 4th place team.

Woodman Athletics Level 3's and pre-4's competed in their final meet of the season. Kali Taylor, Amalia Rubensyein, Anya Taylor, Lila Alexander, Roxanne Burt, Maxine Lehnartz, Bree Beattie, Eva Gould, and Kayli Speno made up the Level 3 team. Aliza Speno, Madelyn Goldberg, Alex Crowder, Sarah Gordon-Macey and Annalise Bartlette made up Woodman's pre-4 team.

The Woodman Athletics Gymnastics Team is coached by Keri Woodman, Karen Gallivan, Paul Bloomer and Tara Jacob. The team is on its way to the State Meet to be held this weekend in Bellows Falls at the Bellows Falls High School.

Woodman Athletics is located at 155 Chickering Drive in Brattleboro. For more information on competitions or gymnastics classes, call Woodman Athletics at 802-254-4747.


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