Worried about deer eating your bulbs? Plant one of these varieties ...

Early bloomer

Glory-in-the-snow spreads

This lavender flower that shades to white in the center is beautiful when grown over large areas. The flower also multiples freely, for no fuss and lots of beauty for your buck.

fun shapes

Funny fritillaria

This spring flower comes in many shapes and colors — from the checkered lilies to the party-hat shape of the crown imperials. These charming flowers are sure to become a favorite.

small bulbs

Snowdrops like the cold

True to its name, Snowdrops grow best during cold winters. Think of these white flowers as a prize to win after a harsh New England winter. Just be sure to plant them as soon as you buy them.


Daffodils a garden favorite

There's a reason these trumpet-shaped flowers are a fan favorite — they're deer resistant, easy to grow and magnificently beautiful. Once you plant them, you do nothing but enjoy!


Sweet smell of hyacinths

These tubular, bell-shaped flowers aren't only beautiful, but they smell great, too. These can also be grown in a container so you can enjoy some early flowering indoors.

blue bell

Squill will self-sow

This delicate flower will form drifts of blue bells when planted under trees that lose their leaves. Be amazed by the flowers peeking through by spring. Deer don't like them, rodents do.


Ornamental onions

Plant an onion in my flower garden, you say? Yes, because there are many varieties, all hearty and colorful. Even a crowded garden can take a few because they don't take up space.


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