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As I look at our community, I see a wonderful place, a place that has been made great by humans. I think to myself, we could throw this all away with global warming, which is a big problem that gets worse and worse every day. According to Thinkquest, "Global warming is a term given to the increase of the average temperature of Earth’s climate. The primary cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect, which is caused by more and more greenhouse gasses being released into the Earth’s atmosphere due to human activity."

I love the environment, I love the animals, and I love the world how it is. I need your help to make a difference.

Global warming is a rise in the Earth’s temperature, due to everyday human activities producing carbon that makes our atmosphere hotter. The Outdoor Nation Blog found that, "Each year of the 21st century ranks among the 14 hottest years on record since 1880." According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, "Studies found that more than 1,100 counties in the lower 48 will face higher risks of water shortages as a result of global warming." This means one third of USA’s counties are at risk of water shortages.

According to American Rivers, "Global warming causes a rise in severe storms that will degrade water qualities, and increase the risk of catastrophic floods." Thinkquest says that, "The melting of ice increases sea level, and this causes flooding of low lying areas." Thinkquest also says that, "When snow and ice melt, their ability to reflect sunlight is lost, escalating global warming even further." Global Issues predicts, "With global warming on the increase, and species and their habitats on the decrease, chances for ecosystems to naturally adapt are diminishing." The change in weather patterns can cause storms, and flooding. Also, ice caps melting causes the sea level to rise and when ice and snow melt they can’t reflect sunlight so the heat from the sun stays in our atmosphere. Ecosystems, and their inhabitants are disappearing, because, with all the climate changes, it is hard for them to adapt to their surroundings.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that, "Mosquitoes favor warm wet climates and can spread diseases such as the West Nile virus." According to Thinkquest, "Diseases such as malaria are more likely to spread. Parasites that originate in tropical regions may migrate to temperate regions as they become warmer. Mosquitoes are an example, and it is predicted that malaria will spread around the world. It is also predicted that asthma will spread around the world as allergies that cause asthma become more common." EPA also says that, "Heat waves that cause heat strokes and dehydration are the most common cause of weather related deaths."

Some people think that the Earth just changes on its own, and that climate change is natural, but according to NASA, "97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities." Though, some believe that stopping global warming would cost more than it is worth, I believe that the rising of oceans could threaten freshwater supplies. So, even though stopping global warming would cost a lot of money, treating the consequences that follow (like separating freshwater and saltwater, or building new homes for the people whose were flooded because of the rising water level) would cost even more. Lastly, you may not think that global warming will affect you personally, but according to UML, "The rate of sea level rise since the mid-19th century has been larger than the mean rate during the past two millennia." The sea level rise has been so gigantic that it will cause flooding and superstorms that will affect you if global warming doesn’t cease soon.

There is something you can do about this. Trash being burned in landfills creates harmful greenhouse gasses that escalate global warming. You can prevent this by recycling and composting. Be careful to not throw away anything that could be recycled or composted. Global warming is also caused by people driving because cars also let out greenhouse gasses. If you have a chance to carpool, take it. Even one car can make a difference. Use public transportation, walk or ride your bike. When you use electricity carelessly, you change our climate. When you go to the supermarket, turn your lights off. And instead of watching TV or playing on your computer, do a pastime that’s less harmful to the environment.

I believe that if you care, and if you are dedicated enough, you can make an impact on this worldwide issue, and you can save not only people and animals, but planet Earth, as we know it. If people started global warming, than we can stop it, one person at a time.

Isabella Takacs is a member of Julie Rosenberg’s sixth-grade class at Academy School in Brattleboro. This is the second in a series of letters submitted as part of a project organized by Rosenberg. Other letters will be printed as space allows.


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