You can help put an end to hunger


I would like to tell you about world hunger and how I need you to help me stop it. According to the website Poverty Facts and Statistics, "There are approximately 790 million people in the developing world that are chronically undernourished. Almost two-thirds of the people who reside in Asia, and the Pacific are starving." This means that about two-thirds of the population in Asia and the Pacific are poor and hungry. If everyone would come together and give food to food banks we could probably find a solution to stop the world hunger problem. We can also grow food in our community and share it with everyone there, and we can lower the amount of people hungry in the world. The reason why I chose this topic is because I feel like people are throwing away too much food when there are people that are hungry. There are food banks for the people that are poor and don’t have enough money to buy food. That is my connection to this topic.

Not having breakfast can be bad and I will tell you why. According to the website No Kid Hungry, "There are three out of five K-8 public school teachers who say they regularly see students coming to school hungry." This means that children in K-8 public schools come to school without the benefit of a good breakfast. These same children probably go to bed hungry. School lunch, which is provided free to low-income families is perhaps the only meal most children eat on any given day.

Poverty is very bad for people, and I will tell you why. According to the website Poverty Facts and Statistics, "Poverty is the principal cause of hunger. The causes of poverty are a lack of resources, an extremely unequal income distribution in the world, and within specific countries, conflict, and hunger itself." That means that when you are poor it is hard to get food.

If you have a breakfast you will have a good day and I will tell you why. According to No Kid Hungry, "Children that start the day with a good breakfast get good math scores, and better grades." Simply stated, this means that if a child eats enough, he or she will function better in school.

I hope people will learn to help out one another, donate food to the food banks and stop throwing food into the trash. I believe that if we team up together we can change the world hunger problem. By writing this letter, I’m hoping to make people aware that we have a severe hunger problem in this country and maybe we can put our heads together and come up with some solutions to end this problem.

Austin Ellison is a member of Julie Rosenberg’s sixth-grade class at Academy School in Brattleboro. This is one in a series of letters submitted as part of a project organized by Rosenberg. Other letters will be printed as space allows.


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