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Monday December 10, 2012

Editor of the Reformer:

On Saturday, Nov. 3, the Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Club started a new tradition. We hosted the first "Battle of the Paddle" at Brattleboro Union High School. Over 50 people, ranging in age from under 7 to over 70, energetically competed in three age groups. Not only did we all have a lot of fun, but we also raised approximately $4,000 for the Brattleboro West River Park.

All of the club members would like to thank the players and their supporters for making this event a success. We would also like to recognize our generous Lead Sponsor, Entergy Vermont Yankee, and our Table Sponsors who took a risk on this inaugural event (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Biologic Integrative Healthcare, WKVT, Pepsi-Leader Beverage, Brattleboro Ford/Brattleboro Subaru, Potter Stewart, Jr. Law Offices, MetLife and the Outer Limits Health Club).

We also would like to really thank the following folks who loaned us their table tennis tables: Eric Morse, Stephen Phillips, John Loggia and Lissa Weinmann, the Boys and Girls Club of Brattleboro and the Town of Brattleboro Recreation Department.

Finally, we would like to thank Bagel Works for donating some wonderful bagels and Domino’s Pizza for providing reduced priced pizza for the players to enjoy.

We look forward to another tournament next year, so get your paddles ready.

Sandy Shriver,

President, Brattleboro
Sunrise Rotary Club, Nov. 19 ***

Editor of the Reformer:

We would like to thank all of those who donated time and goods to give many people a nice Thanksgiving: C & S Wholesale Grocers, Knights of Columbus, Keene State College Honor Society, Picadilly Farms, our Town Welfare office, pies and rolls brought by Mindy Cominoli that were extra from their church and, last of all, our wonderful staff.

The support and caring shown by our community all year round is heartwarming.

Members of the Holiday
Assistance Committee,

Hinsdale Elementary School, Nov. 19


Editor of the Reformer:

We would like to thank Chef Ryan and the owners of the Whetstone Station Restaurant for welcoming us to their restaurant on Tuesday, Nov. 27. In our weekly Farm to School program, we have been getting ready to enter the Vermont Junior Iron Chef Competition and we needed the help of a professional chef. Not only did Chef Ryan show us around the restaurant and kitchen, he also took the time to meet with each Junior Iron Chef team and give advice on our recipes. We were inspired by the delicious food there, especially the hand-cut french fries.

Thank you very much to everyone at the Whetstone Station.

Rachel Davis and the 6th grade class at Guilford Central School,

Guilford, Nov. 28


Editor of the Reformer:

This is to say how amazed I am that there are still some very nice and courteous people left in the world. I saw, here in Putney, a desk for free the other day, and I have been wanting one. So I stopped and was trying to get it in my car all by myself, trying to drag it over to my car.

A white truck pulled up and these two very nice, well mannered gentlemen took the time to help me. Whoever you two were, sorry for not getting your names, but thank you for making my day a little easier. I just wish I could have paid you. And Happy Holidays!

Brenda Hamilton

Putney, Nov. 27


Editor of the Reformer:

On behalf of the people who enjoyed "Gathering in Gratitude 2012: The Source," a benefit for Project Feed the Thousands, produced by Mahalo Art Center, on Nov. 17 at the Latchis, we offer greatest thanks to Kiewell Law, New Chapter and Staples, our main sponsors.

This year’s presentation premiered filmmaker Chip Duggin’s documentary of the Gathering in Gratitude process, developed by Mahalo Art Center director, Luz Elena Morey. The film was preceded by music in the lobby, and followed in the theatre by an audience-participatory celebration of music, dance and drama honoring our natural world. Thank you all who helped this be a wonderful event.

We also send gratitude to all the people and businesses who have given their time, services, products and/or money to support the work of Mahalo Art Center this summer and fall of 2012. Your support made this work possible.

Thanks you to A Candle in the Night, Adivasi, Amy’s Bakery Arts Café, Earl Zahir Avant , David Bayer, Jeff, Maria and Wendy at BCTV, Beadniks, Fernano Beltrán , Grandma Cara Benedetto, Marta, Josh and Finn Bernbaum, The Blessing Foundation, Michael Bosworth, Brattleboro Holistic Health Center, Brattleboro Subaru, Breath of the Heart, Brown and Roberts Hardware, Chai Wallah, The Commons, Commonwealth Dairy, Aimee Creelman, Cultural Intrigue, Delectable Mountain Cloth, Patti Honeysuckle Donnelly, Dottie’s, Thea Elijah, Jennifer Fowler-Greaves, David Goldschmidt, Susan Hebson, Hidden Springs Maple, Amy Hyatt, Parker Huber , Leader Distribution Systems, Alison Beth Levy, Theresa Maggio, Merchants Bank, Lisa Merton and Alan Dater , Mocha Joe’s Coffee Roasters, Dr. and Mrs. Phil and Colleen Morey, Kaiilama Morris, Sara Nolan, North End Butchers, North Road Guitars, Omega Optical, Gene Parulis, Mary Perry, Emily Peyton, Marjorie Pivar, Maria Pugnetti, Putney Food Coop, Dillon and the folks at Radio Shack, Wendy Redlinger, Judith Reichsman, Alexa Rittichier, Rocky Top Tavern , Teresa Savel, Ami Ji Schmid, Kerry Secrest, Joyce Shaffer, The Shoe Tree, Shortstop Distribution, Hassan Suhrawardi Gebel, Deirdre Sulka-Meister, Marie Summerwood, Wayne Tirone, Twice Upon a Time, Vermont Artisan Designs, Vermont Country Deli, Jorge and Ana Maria Vinha, Lissa Weinmann and John Loggia, Robin Weston, John Whiteside, Thyrza Day and George Zabriskie, and Zephyr Designs.

Special thanks also go to Gail Nunziata and Darren Goldsmith of the Latchis for their welcome and support, David Woodbury for the fun lighting, and Jerry Stockman for lighting support.

Luz Elena Morey,

Brattleboro, Nov. 29


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