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Editor of the Reformer:

Southern Vermont Therapeutic Riding Center, located in Newfane, Vt., would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all who participated in our first annual 5K Walk, Trot or Pedal Fun Run held on May 17th.

Approximately 50 participants, young and old, walked, ran or rode bikes over a 5K course to raise critically needed funds for our therapeutic riding program. "Tana, the Smiling Horse" was on hand for petting, grooming and feeding along with posing for pictures and children’s activities consisted of hula-hoop contests, bean-bag tossing and of course Š horseshoes.

We would like to extend our gratitude, appreciation and sincere thanks to our sponsors: Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center; Special-Tee Designs; Brown’s Country Services; The Townshend Dam Diner; Dr. John C. Duff; Find A Way Farm; GetOUT!!; MontaQua Farm; and Great River Outfitters. Without you, this event would not have been possible. We would also like to thank the many individuals and businesses that donated products, funds, supplies and countless hours of undying energy to make this a successful event. We are already looking forward to next year!

To learn more about Southern Vermont Therapeutic Riding Center, please check out our website at or contact Lorna Young, Program Director, at 802-221-4409.

Linda J. Hoag, Chair,
Fundraising/Events Committee

Southern Vermont Therapeutic Riding Center, May 20 ***

Editor of the Reformer:

Kudos and enormous thanks to the cast and crew of the Vermont Theatre Company’s recent smash production of Woody Allen’s "Don’t Drink the Water" at the Evening Star Grange in Dummerston. Director-par-excellence Marilyn Tullgren did a masterful job turning this comedy into a total laugh-riot; Stage Manager Brenda L. Seitz kept everything running beautifully; and lighting designer Ira Wilner created the perfect atmosphere with his superior lighting design. The large cast: Dan Bennett, Jim Bombicino, Nora Bright, Ran3dy Bright, Francis Hauert, Ian Hefele, Bruce Holloway, Mike Jerald, Adam Moorman, John Ogorzalek, Michelle Ross, Brenda L. Seitz, Nancy Stephens, and Mark Tullgren all performed their roles - both large and small - with perfect timing and great hilarity.

Thanks too to the set construction crew: Jim Bombicino, Ran3dy Bright, Mike Jerald, Brenda L. Seitz, and Mark Tullgren; and to the set painting crew: Jim Bombicino, Francis Hauert, John Ogorzalek, Philip Ogorzalek, and Brenda L. Seitz. All of these people were IN the show, and yet went out of their way to give this precious extra time.

Special mention and appreciation to Kate Maisner, who took an enormous number of super photos of the show, and to Julia Waldron, who stepped up and took Nora Bright’s part on the first Saturday night so that Nora could attend her prom.

This was a total delight of a show, from start to finish, and all involved should be VERY proud. The Vermont Theatre Company heartily thanks each and every one of you !

With appreciation and gratitude,

Ran3dy Bright and Nancy Groff

Producers of "Don’t Drink the Water,"

Vermont Theater Company, May 20


Editor of the Reformer:

On Saturday, May 10, 2014, just a little over 100 people participated in the 5th Annual Grace Cottage Hospital "Spring Into Health" 5 Kilometer Walk and Run.

I want to thank everybody for coming out on a somewhat gray and sprinkly morning and participating. By the end of the morning, however, the sun started to come out with one person telling me it was "as though Dr. Otis was smiling at us from the heavens."

I want to thank a variety of organizations that were helpful in putting this event together. This includes Windham County Sheriff’s Department, Rescue Inc. and the Bicycle Squad, the Community Emergency Response Team, and Grace Cottage Hospital volunteers. Also I would like thank Drew’s All Natural for providing delicious salsa and salad dressing, which was raffled away at the end of the event. Cota and Cota also provided us with water to quench our thirst at the finish. A beautiful T-shirt was designed for the event by Kelsey Hescock, who is a freshman at Leland & Gray High School. Thank you to Kristen Wilson, faculty member at Leland & Gray High School, who facilitated the design of the T-shirt in her art and design class.

Special thanks to C.J. King from the Grace Cottage Hospital Foundation for all of the work that she did on the registration system and in promoting the event. Also thanks to Brenda Smith who also was integral to the registration process and who organized a successful, fun, and exciting fun run for children which was held towards the end of the event.

Finally, thank you to Andrea Seaton and the Grace Cottage Hospital Foundation for all of their support in putting this event together.

I hope to see you all next Mother’s Day Weekend on the Townshend Common for the next "Spring into Health" 5 Kilometer event for Grace Cottage Hospital.


Moss Linder, M.D.

Townshend, May 21


Editor of the Reformer:

Before we all forget what a hard winter this was, I would like to thank the community of Brattleboro, the Brattleboro Area Drop In Center and the First Baptist Church on Main Street.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It took the cooperation of this community to assist me and more than 100 other souls in surviving the last six months at the Overflow Shelter. I cannot refer to the Drop In Center without thinking of Farris, whose unflagging support and deep affection for disadvantaged human beings is evident in the time he spends on our behalf.

I would also like to remember Andrea, Will, Denise, Mark, Melissa, Tom, Abby, Stevie, Paul and Nate and the board of directors of the Drop In Center for their support and care. For providing us with hot meals and family-style warmth and friendliness, let me thank the Congregation Church, Gracie’s Kitchen, First Baptist Church on Western Avenue, Brattleboro Lutheran Church, the local synagogue, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce, faculty from Brattleboro Union High School, and other groups of friends and families who volunteered and brought in dinners. Thank you to all who braved the weather to bring us supper.

Thanks also to Loaves and Fishes and Ruth and her staff of volunteers, St. Brigid’s and Kerry and the crew and Agape and Juanita and her guys, for all the smiles, meals and prayers. Thanks to Bruce and his wife, to Chris and Kevin, for sending all the Sunday breakfasts (the chocolate chip pancakes will never be surpassed). Thanks to the staff at Brooks Memorial Library for welcoming us to their warmth and resources throughout the day. Thanks to the Brattleboro Police Department for being available and courteous when needed. Thanks to Pastor Sue and the trustees of the First Baptist Church on Main Street for all the good will and hard work -- it did not go unnoticed. Thanks to Helen, Ruth, Jim, Karen, Sylvia and everyone at 190 Main St.

Each night, for six months, two shifts of volunteers participated in keeping the home light burning and the security intact. Many thanks to Rob, Dan, Chris, Jed, Carol, Jen, Jennie and the many others whose names I may not remember but whose kindness I will never forget.

Lastly, a great big hug and a handshake of encouragement to Lucie Fortier, the director of the Drop In Center, who drives herself with determination and good cheer in order to plan, direct and coordinate all of the elements mentioned above.


Brattleboro, May 21


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