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Editor of the Reformer:

On behalf of the responders and staff at Rescue Inc., I would like to thank the people we serve for showing their support at this year’s Town Meetings. Your support makes our work possible.

However difficult those choices may have been, we are grateful the choice of our member towns has been unanimous to remain with Rescue Inc.

We look forward to providing the same high level of care in the coming year as we have for the past 47 years.

Drew Hazelton,

Interim Chief, Rescue Inc.,

Brattleboro, March 10 ***

Editor of the Reformer:

The family of Nelson Fontaine would like to say Thank you for all kindness and support during this difficult time. The cards, flowers, food and kind words mean so much. Thank you to all that shared in the celebration of a very special man, husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. Special thanks to Newbrook Fire Department, Newbrook Auxiliary, Dr. Backus and David Onyon.

Charlotte Fontaine and Family

Sheila Gokey

Brookline, March 14


Editor of the Reformer:

To the Brattleboro Business Community,

The Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition (BAPC) would like to thank the businesses that participated in the Responsible Beverage Service Trainings held in March co-sponsored by the Department of Liquor Control.

BAPC recognizes the important role that local retailers and restaurants play in preventing underage drinking. Thank you to the following businesses for participating in the training:

Brattleboro Citgo/Cheshire Oil, Brattleboro Mobil, Canal Street Gulf/L.E. Belcher, Cumberland Farms, Hannaford Supermarket, Hotel Pharmacy, Lipton Mart, Price Chopper, Rite Aid, Riverbend Market/ VT Staple Goods Company, 99 Restaurant, American Legion, Brattleboro Shrine Holding, Chelsea Royal Diner, Dandelion & Sage Restaurant, Fireworks, Kipling’s Restaurant, Leslie’s Tavern, McNeill’s, Panda North, Peter Havens, Pizza Palace, Polish American Club #1, Popolo Restaurant, Sportsmans Lounge, Thai Bamboo, and VFW Post 1034.

Forty-nine employees of retailers and establishments that serve or sell alcohol and/or tobacco attended the trainings. Congratulations to our winners from Canal Street Gulf/L.E. Belcher and Panda North who each won a $25 gift certificate; and Leslie’s Tavern and VFW Post 1034 who each won a ID Checking Guide in the trainings’ raffles! Additionally, Brattleboro Mobil & Thai Bamboo each won a drawing for an ID Checking Kit to safeguard against false IDs.

Sponsoring the Responsible Beverage Service Trainings is part of Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition’s comprehensive approach to increase collaboration with local retailers to reduce and prevent underage use of alcohol and tobacco and sales/service to intoxicated customers in our community. Other retailer projects include the Brattleboro Responsible Retailing Project (helping licensees prevent underage alcohol sales and sales/service to intoxicated customers); and the Healthy Retailers initiative which encourages healthier food and beverage choices and discourages tobacco and alcohol use among youth.

Please be part of the solution by joining BAPC in preventing substance abuse in our community. Call 257-2175 for more information!

Cassandra Holloway

BAPC Policy & Project Coordinator

Brattleboro, March 14


Editor of the Reformer:

After almost 30 years it was a very, very sad day for me when I left Shear Madness for the last time.

After all that time, I feel like I’m leaving behind many of you that I’ve come to think of as friends as well as clients. I have watched your kids grow up, been there with you through your joys as well as your sorrows, the many paths your careers have taken you and just in general -- your lives.

I will miss all of you and I really want to thank you for all the years of your loyalty and support. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Love to all of you,

Shirley Neathawk

Newfane, March 10

Formerly of Shear Madness



Editor of the Reformer:

With success measured in glamour and smiles, the Red Carpet Gala at the Latchis Theatre hit the mark again this year. The second annual fundraiser for Latchis Arts started off with a red carpet entrance, glittering stars, pre-show interviews, and voting for Oscar winners this year. Thank you to all who came to enjoy the party and watch the awards ceremony on the big screen. The event is free to the public, donations are welcome, and the many volunteers and local businesses who supported the party this year are gratefully appreciated. We could not have done this without you!

A special thanks to G.S. Precision for generously sponsoring the event this year. We also thank C&S Wholesales Grocers, Grafton Cheese, Windham Wines, Eurobrew, Inc., and Leader Beverage for their contributions to the pre-show party.

We thank Mondo Media Works, Leah McGrath Goodman, Olga Peters, Jonathan Jensen, Dody Riggs, WVEW, Latchis Hotel and Theatre staff, and star maker-decorator Kathleen Hawes for bringing the Hollywood experience to downtown Brattleboro. Thank you also to Davey Wentworth and Keene Carse for pitching in as emcees for the evening.

The hardworking volunteers who helped make the night a stunning success deserve a round of applause: Victoria Chertok, Janice Stockman, Lisa Bloch, Thomas Bunnell, Lorna Mitchell, Elizabeth Bissell, Isabel Fredricks, Hannah Curtis, Kira Boucher, Gini Graydon, and Janet Wallstein.

Best dressed prizes were awarded to Eric and Pamela Reagan, Best Dressed Couple; Keira Lewis, Best Dressed Woman; and John Carter, Best Dressed Man. Thanks to all who made the event shine with success!

Anne Latchis

Latchis Arts Board Member

Brattleboro, March 10


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