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Monday July 22, 2013

Editor of the Reformer:

The In-Sight Photography Project expresses its deepest gratitude to members of its staff who are moving on to pursue new personal and professional aspirations. In-Sight has been truly blessed to have a group of highly motivated staff who have been an inspiration to all who had the privilege to work with them. Over the course of this summer, as fate would have it, several key individuals are making significant life changes that will draw them away from In-Sight’s base here in Brattleboro and the Exposures Program base in Chicago. All will be sorely missed.

Erin Barnard, executive director of the Exposures Program, has been with In-Sight for nearly fifteen years and has led the Exposures Program since its beginning eleven years ago. She has been an inspirational leader of the program, building an enduring relationship with Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and the Navaho Nation in Arizona. Countless In-Sight students have traveled from Brattleboro, Chicago, and Arizona for intensive three-week photography and collaboration experiences on the reservation. Student after student and their parents have told us how this experience changed their lives, opening new perspectives on themselves, their community, and the roots of our culture.

Stephen Dybas, executive director of In-Sight (Vermont-based programming), has led In-Sight for the past five years. His dynamic leadership has helped In-Sight grow immeasurably. He has worked with the board to help us develop our strategic plan, has organized our highly successful photography auctions, secured grant funding needed to run our programs, expanded our course offerings, organized and supported our wonderful cadre of volunteer teachers, and much more. Stephen is an inspirational leader.

Sophia LaCava-Bohanan, assistant director for both In-Sight Vermont programming and the Exposures Program, has inspired hundreds of students over the past five years to find themselves and their creative spirit through photography. Always enthusiastic and energetic, Sophia consistently devotes herself 110 percent to the success of In-Sight’s programs. Whether re-designing In-Sight’s website, working endless hours organizing the auction, teaching photography classes herself, working with our volunteer teachers, working on grants, or traveling to South Dakota to help lead the Exposures travel program, Sophia has done everything possible to ensure that our students get the most out of our programs.

Ryan Stratton will also be ending his two-year assistantship at In-Sight through the AmeriCorps program (two years is the maximum amount of time under this program), after having served as in In-Sight volunteer teacher for two years. Ryan is a fantastic worker as well as a terrific person. He inspired our animation classes, which have been a great success with youth participants. Ryan’s amazing work ethic and enthusiastic support for all of In-Sight’s programs has been an essential ingredient in In-Sight’s ability to serve our Brattleboro-area students.

In-Sight is delighted that these four terrific individuals are able to pursue their dreams in the directions they are taking. At the same time, of course, we wish they would stay with us forever. We have been blessed with being able to find some terrific new staff to be working with Stephen, Erin, Sophia, and Ryan to transition to the next phase of In-Sight’s development. But as new staff comes in, we want to take this moment to wish our outgoing staff the very best and thank them most heartily for the wonderful work they’ve done to make The In-Sight Photography Project what it is today.

Jon Mack, Board President

John Willis, Founder

Brattleboro, June 14 ***

Editor of the Reformer:

The Vermont Rail Action Network would like to thank the following donors for helping to contribute to making the Brattleboro National Train Day last month a success through their donations of food and supplies and help:

Amtrak, Mary Aehlers and Cassidy Bermnier, Ray Branigan, Brattleboro Food Coop, Brattleboro Mason’s Lodge 102, Brattleboro Valley of the Scottish Rite, Brugger’s Bagels, Eric Ernst, Hannaford’s, G. Housen Beverage, John Leader Beverage, Debbie Martin, Gordon and Lauren Norwood, Marshall Patton, Pepsi, Price-Chopper, Deb Sanderson, Shriners, Dorothy Sullaway, Jerry Taylor, Reese Vigneau, Wal-Mart, and the Yankee Dollar Store.

Christopher Parker

Executive Director,

Vermont Rail Action Network

Brattleboro, June 7


Editor of the Reformer:

On behalf of Gun Sense Vermont, I would like to thank those who attended our vigil on the Brattleboro Common, commemorating the six-month anniversary of the massacre in Newtown, Conn. I would also like to thank the singers who contributed to this occasion, Pastor Susanna Griefen of the Dummerston Congregational Church for her reading, and Rep. Mike Mrowicki, who spoke about his efforts to pass sensible gun legislation favored by a majority of Vermonters.

Our goal is to keep guns in the hands of those who are responsible and make it harder for them to fall into the wrong hands. With the highest rate of gun deaths in New England according to the CDC, Vermont cannot afford to side-step this issue any longer. This is a conversation that our state must have. GunSenseVT will be marching in the Brattleboro Fourth of July parade -- to remember Newtown and all the tragic and unnecessary gun deaths before and since. We invite everyone to join us and show your support for this issue. Please e-mail for details.

Ann Braden,

Brattleboro, June 28


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