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Monday March 18, 2013

Editor of the Reformer:

It is with great pleasure that I want to extend a special thank you to all those who put themselves -- and their pocketbooks! -- on the line to make the In-Sight Photography Project’s Exposures Program on the Pine Ridge Reservation fundraising campaign successful.

The way these Kickstarter campaigns work, you set a goal and a time limit and don’t get one cent unless you achieve your target. We set an ambitious goal, $16,000, because that was the bottom line we needed to be able to run the program. We set a tight time limit (30 days) because we had to start inviting students to apply for the program and didn’t want to take applications if we didn’t know we had the funds to run the program.

By Wednesday, March 6, four days before the deadline, we passed our target! By the time this letter appears in the Reformer, we will have started handing out applications to students. We’re very excited!

None of this would have happened without the amazing work of the Director and the Assistant Director of Exposures, Erin Barnard and Sophia LaCava-Bohanan. They put together the entire campaign, including a wonderful video that had alumni of past summer programs to talk of how the experience changed their lives. I’m sure the video moved many people to reach deep into the pockets to support the project. The alumni are too numerous to name, but they are the real spokespersons for how important the program is in their lives!

I also want to thank In-Sight Board members, including quite a number of former board members and new people just coming onto the board, both for their own generous pledges as well as for their incredible efforts spreading the word to encourage friends to contribute. Just being listed on Kickstarter doesn’t do much: What makes it work is friends telling friends telling friends to get the pledges coming in. Our board and its friends did an amazing job reaching out far and wide to solicit support. Over 200 people "backed" the project with their donations! The effort shows dramatically how our community here and friends beyond our area can work together to make things happen.

I also want to personally thank Jon Potter of the Reformer for his excellent and timely article on the Rotary Club’s Film Festival to support KILI radio on the Pine Ridge Reservation along with our Exposures campaign.

Thanks to all for all your hard work making the campaign a wonderful success!

Jon Mack, board president

In-Sight Photography Project, March 7 ***

Editor of the Reformer:

We are a group of community-minded knitters and passionate library users, and we want to thank Becky Karush for her informative profile of Brooks Memorial Library’s cataloguer, Leslie Markey (Brattleboro Reformer, February 23, 2013). We also want to thank Leslie and Brooks Library Director, Jerry Carbone, for their dedication to keeping the Brooks collection current and relevant. In particular, we express our deep appreciation for their maintaining such a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of books related to knitting, crocheting, and other needle and fiber arts. Knitting as a pastime and a craft has experienced an international revival in the past decade, and it is just one of the many arts and crafts nurtured and supported by the Brattleboro community. Having access to the latest books on knitting technique and design helps us to keep our skills developing and our passion for this craft alive. It is just one example of the myriad ways that Brooks Library contributes to the intellectual and artistic vibrancy of this community.

Mary Alice Amidon, Jenny Burtis, Alice Charkes, Karen Duggan, Sara Glennon, Connie Green, Doreen Lincoln, Sandy Pagniucci, Maggie Sullivan and Julia Williams

The Spruce Street Knitters, March 10


Editor of the Reformer:

Our March 7 Blood Drive in Bellows Falls was a success with a total of 84 pints collected. We want to thank the Masonic Temple for the use of their building, The Bellows Falls Fire Dept. for putting up our banner and The Bellows Falls Rotary Club for sponsoring our drive. We also want to thank all our wonderful volunteers who give their time to work our drives and the staff from Burlington for their long day.

Our multi- gal donors were Raymond Massucco, 18 gal.; Henry Rounds, 17 gal.; Larry Clark, 13 gal.; Sandra Dupuis 6 gal.; Nancy McAuliffe, 3 gal.; James McAuliffe and Thomas Spencer with 2 gal. each.

This is the first time we have had 12 new donors: Holly Meyer, Virginia De Campo, Sara Dunbar, Emma Wetherby, Lance Rogers, Sarah Newcomb, Carla Mac Donald, Wyoka Cushman, Catherine Morgan, Mike Karasevich, Tegan Kosut and Christina Clements. We Thank all of you and hope to see you at our next Blood Drive May 23.

Marlene O’Connor Blood Drive chairman and Ginny Ferguson Co- chairman

Bellows Falls, March 10


Editor of the Reformer:

We would like to thank everyone from the Academy, Oak Grove, Green Street School and EES communities for their participation in our recent forum and surveys on school security. Your input has been very important to the efforts of the Board and Administration to strengthen and refine our school security protocols while continuing to be a supportive welcoming place for our families.

Currently visitors to all schools must be admitted through the main entrance and must sign in to the school office. Over the next weeks as new security systems are installed, the exact procedure for each school may be refined or changed as each school works to develop the best system for their building and school community.

We would also like to thank members of the Brattleboro Police Department, Brattleboro Fire Department and the Vermont State Police for their assistance and advice.

Margaret Atkinson, Mark Truhan, David Schoales, Jill Stahl-Tayler and Peter Yost

The Brattleboro Town School Board,
March 11


Editor of the Reformer:

On behalf of the Friends of the Pettee Memorial Library in Wilmington, I would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent fundraising raffle at the Wilmington Town Meeting on March 5. Your generosity was most appreciated for our first event to raise funds for library programs. Congratulations to our winners: Patty Murphy won the adult books basket; Bruce Cole won the children’s books basket; and John Lazelle won the Vermont Breakfast basket. We would especially like to thank Bartleby’s Books for their assistance, and local authors Franklin Reeve and Laura Stevenson, who donated their books.

Carol DeBarba, Secretary, Friends of the Pettee Memorial Library

Wilmington, March 11


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