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Top four teams qualify
Fifth place advances to playoff
Thursday, Oct. 8
At Asunción, Paraguay

Paraguay 2, Peru 2

At Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay 2, Chile 1

At Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina 1, Ecuador 0

Friday, Oct. 9
At Barranquilla, Colombia

Colombia 3, Venezuela 0

At São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil 5, Bolivia 0

Tuesday, Oct. 13
At La Paz, Bolivia

Argentina 2, Bolivia 1

At Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador 4, Uruguay 2

At Mérida, Venezuela

Venezuela 0, Paraguay 1

At Lima, Peru

Peru 2, Brazil 4

At Santiago, Chile

Chile 2, Colombia 2

Thursday, Nov. 12
At La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia 2, Ecuador 3

At Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina 1, Paraguay 1

Friday, Nov. 13
At Barranquilla, Colombia

Colombia 0, Uruguay 3

At Santiago, Chile

Chile 2, Peru 0

At Brasilia, Brazil

Brazil 1, Venezuela 0

Tuesday, Nov. 17
At Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador 6, Colombia 1

At Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela 2, Chile 1

At Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay vs. Brazil, 6 p.m.

At Asunción, Paraguay

Paraguay vs. Bolivia, 6 p.m.

At Lima, Peru

Peru vs. Argentina, 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Argentina vs. Uruguay

Bolivia vs. Peru

Chile vs. Paraguay

Colombia vs. Brazil

Venezuela vs. Ecuador

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Brazil vs. Argentina

Ecuador vs. Chile

Paraguay vs. Colombia

Peru vs. Venezuela

Uruguay vs. Bolivia

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Argentina vs. Chile

Bolivia vs. Venezuela

Brazil vs. Ecuador

Peru vs. Colombia

Uruguay vs. Paraguay

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Chile vs. Bolivia

Colombia vs. Argentina

Ecuador vs. Peru

Paraguay vs. Brazil

Venezuela vs. Uruguay

Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021

Bolivia vs. Colombia

Chile vs. Brazil

Ecuador vs. Paraguay

Peru vs. Uruguay

Venezuela vs. Argentina

Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021

Argentina vs. Bolivia

Brazil vs. Peru

Colombia vs. Chile

Paraguay vs. Venezuela

Uruguay vs. Ecuador

Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021

Ecuador vs. Bolivia

Paraguay vs. Argentina

Peru vs. Chile

Uruguay vs. Colombia

Venezuela vs. Brazil

Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021

Argentina vs. Peru

Bolivia vs. Paraguay

Brazil vs. Uruguay

Çhile vs. Venezuela

Colombia vs. Ecuador

Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021

Brazil vs. Colombia

Ecuador vs. Venezuela

Paraguay vs. Chile

Peru vs. Bolivia

Uruguay vs. Argentina

Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021

Argentina vs. Brazil

Bolivia vs. Uruguay

Chile vs. Ecuador

Colombia vs. Paraguay

Venezuela vs. Peru

Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022

Chile vs. Argentina

Colombia vs. Peru

Ecuador vs. Brazil

Paraguay vs. Uruguay

Venezuela vs. Bolivia

Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022

Argentina vs. Colombia

Bolivia vs. Chile

Brazil vs. Paraguay

Peru vs. Ecuador

Uruguay vs. Venezuela

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Argentina vs. Venezuela

Brazil vs. Chile

Colombia vs. Bolivia

Paraguay vs. Ecuador

Uruguay vs. Peru

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Bolivia vs. Brazil

Chile vs. Uruguay

Ecuador vs. Argentina

Peru vs. Paraguay

Venezuela vs. Colombia

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