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Megabus not all it's cracked up to be

Editor of the Reformer:

After reading the recent press release announcing Megabus's new stop in Brattleboro, I wanted to relate several unpleasant experiences I've had with this company. In June I purchased an on-line ticket for my daughter's boyfriend for a trip from Amherst, Mass., to Burlington. Even though we arrived at the stop a half-hour early, the bus never arrived, nor could we receive any satisfaction after a flurry of phone calls to them. Finally, I had to drive my him all the way up to Burlington so he could arrive at his job on time. Although I asked Megabus to refund the $41 I paid for his ticket, after several emails I have received no response.

A couple of years earlier I had taken Megabus from Amherst to New York City. When the bus arrived in Amherst it only had two seats, leaving another five passengers stranded (in spite of booking on line tickets). Megabus did hire two cabs to take these stranded passengers to Hartford, Conn., but the rest of the folks on the bus had to wait in Hartford an hour for the two cabs to arrive. Finally, on yet another Megabus trip from Amherst to New York City we were forced to get off the bus in Hartford (our original bus was needed elsewhere, we were told) and wait on a street corner for almost two hours until the replacement bus arrived.

Three bad experiences were enough for me. Even though I must pay more (but really paying less, when time, aggravation, and money are concerned), Amtrak, Greyhound, or Vermont Transit from Brattleboro, (or Peter Pan from Amherst and Northampton), are better options.

Michael N. Landis, Guilford, Sept. 30