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WILMINGTON — As Jim McGrath was working on his latest painting — the dark trunk of a tree had been added to the center of a white canvas, and some other trees in winter colors were depicted in the background as a line of woods — two couples entered his gallery and studio, at 22 West Main St.

BELLOWS FALLS — The government has banned private toilets, and the only legal place to pee is a public amenity, run by the Urine Good Company — which charges a hefty fee — is the basis for a musical opening at the Bellows Falls Opera house.

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It was plan C. We had planned to drive five hours to Mammoth Mountain to ski. Raising my children in Southern California, I was shocked when I realized that our school would not host a weekly ski program. There would be no half-days before the students were whisked off to ski. I’m not sure h…

My name is Jordan Heiden. I’m a young Vermonter who drives a hybrid, has 17 solar panels on her roof, and joyfully embraces a fully plant-based diet. I’m also the Keep Vermont Cool campaign manager.

I had the unique privilege when I was the CEO and president of the Brattleboro Retreat from 2006-2016 of working closely with Dr. Fritz Engstrom in his role as chief medical officer. It is rare in one’s working life to have the opportunity to partner as an executive leader with an individual…

Vermont State University announced in January that it would have a digital resource library as of July 1, 2023. We were immediately met with a wave of questions, comments, and concerns. And though there was a negative sentiment, we were heartened to see our university and community unite pas…

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