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BRATTLEBORO — Looking for perfect card, something a little different than what you would find at a grocery store for Father’s Day?

Rosie Schulick, the owner of Rosie’s Wonders Connection Cards, is a local artist that has been working on greeting cards for many different occasions.

Inside her studio at the Cotton Mill, she has boxes and boxes of cards that people can buy for anytime of the year.

Her love of art started as a child. She was always drawing, and then at the age of 8, she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

“Art was pretty much the only thing that kept me going,” Schulick said. “I went to so many different art forms while going to high school, going to college, I really kind of went gung-ho with all the art forms.”

She went to the Putney School, in Putney, and then to Bennington College, in Bennington, from where she graduated in 2014, but during that time she participated in theater, and many different art forms, but it all went back into drawing and painting.

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“Snail mail is such a lost art of connection, and today, we lean more and more on technology and screens to participate,” said Schulick. “As a child, I would always love writing and drawing back and forth to pen pals, images complement, even inspire, and encourage heartfelt handwritten messages. We are in a very isolated time and I’d like to think my work helps us to reach out and connect.”


Schulick said there were been ups and downs, like during the pandemic, with her art. She had to consolidate some of her work, but she also was able to self-publish a 60-page picture book of different bunny illustrations. The book helped during during the pandemic.

Schulick draws inspiration from nature for her cards, and events in her life. She got into making animal sympathy cards after the death of one of her animals. The making of the cards helped her get through her grief. She works with some local veterinarians and animal hospitals to create personalized and heartfelt sympathy cards for their clients and patients.

When people open up one of her cards, she hopes the cards bring both solace and hope during hard times, and also joy and delight during the happier times.

She sells her cards at the Brattleboro Area Farmers’ Market as wells as the Putney Farmers’ Market. She also sells them at the Guilford General Store or the Brattleboro Co-op and a few other places. Her cards are available online as well.