Robyn Flatley explores what happens when you mix blueberry juice and popcorn.

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I adore popcorn. I may have made 21,000 bowls of popcorn in my lifetime. My story began when I was a child and my father asked me to make his nightly popcorn. He praised me for how wonderful it tasted. His praise was golden.

As a thirty-something, I worked at The Clinton Street Theater Collective in Portland, Oregon, for five years. I made the popcorn on weekend nights before midnight when The Rocky Horror Picture Show played. There is a scene in the show where people would throw hot dogs and rice. Apparently the popcorn tasted too good to throw.

In my 60s, I made popcorn for my Brattleboro women’s circle and someone literally fell into the bowl, she was so eager to eat it. My magical mix included nutritional yeast, crushed fresh garlic cooked in olive oil, turmeric, dried basil, and sea salt.

I used to make air-popped corn. It was easy and never a burned kernel. But there is a flavor that is missed when the corn is popped without oil. I eagerly returned to my old ways.

I was recently about to settle into a delicious movie “Better Call Saul” when I headed into the kitchen. In a white bowl on the counter, a pool of blueberry juice entranced me. I wonder if ... yes, that’s how it began — my curiosity. What would happen if I added this to the popcorn? I had already experimented with maple syrup, cinnamon, and chili pepper popcorn, so why not add the beautiful azure color?

The recipe was so delicate and introduced such small amounts of blueberry juice, maple syrup and salt that I would have to sharpen up my taste buds as this new sensation hit my tongue.

It was delightfully fresh and the tiny white bowl was emptied rather quickly.

Blueberry popcorn


organic olive oil

multicolored organic popcorn

quart pan with cover


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blueberry juice from melted frozen berries

smoked Kosher salt (One cup of Kosher salt mixed with a drop of liquid smoke in jar with top)

Vermont maple syrup


Heat a pan with olive oil, one tablespoon of popcorn, cover and shake till all has popped.

Empty into a bowl.

Using the hot popcorn pan with the burner now turned off:

Add one tablespoon ghee

1/2 tablespoon berry juice

1 teaspoon maple syrup

A tiny bit of smoky salt and mix.

It will sizzle nicely.

Mix this quickly with the popped corn then, BOOM! You have blueberry popcorn.

Sit down in front of your favorite movie and eat popcorn as fast as humanly possible.