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Welcome to the new abnormal, quickly being defined as the new normal. In the new abnormal, our legal system (which was minimally hi-jacked by politics) has been fully co-opted by an unrecognizable sect of what is framing itself as the Republican Party. With the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump and his band of Merry McConnells barely waited until the body was cold before forgetting the precedent that was set in 2016. With everyone on record, too! But no matter, it's not about the law anymore, it's wins and losses. I watched a Republican talking head lay it out very concisely when he said, "The Republicans won the election, they should appoint. If a Democrat wins, then he will add justices to the Supreme Court and swing the balance of power back to the liberal side." His words … cold, calculating, unwavering and … true!

I call out both sides of the aisle on this one. Isn't the Supreme Court supposed to be about the law of the land? Should we put the best candidate forward, you know, the one that will follow the law, not the one that could be a barking Fox News Clown? Nonetheless, this one is gone, and I fear that there is nothing that can be done. Unless there is some rule about being allowed to appoint a Supreme Court Justice once they've been impeached. Unless four or five of the Republicans have a moment of conscience, then it's a forgone conclusion and we'll be looking at Amy Coney Barrett as the next Supreme Court Justice. No matter that she's published opinion pieces on Roe v. Wade and doesn't even begin to hide that fact that she is foaming at the mouth to overturn the decision. As I said in last week's column, it simply doesn't matter anymore. So, let's all put our hands together and pray, blessed be the end of your human rights.

On the bright side, I paid more in taxes than Donnito Trumpolini. Again, I'm fully prepared for the supporter to say that Trump's inability to pay taxes makes him "smart," "a good businessman." I'm fully prepared for them to say that. Then they can return to their $40,200 a year job and pay $8,844 in federal taxes, while pulling the lever for a "billionaire" that only paid $750. How about the diner waitress in central Ohio that's only pulling in $25,000 but needs to kick $3,000 of it to the feds while the Cheater in Chief successfully avoided paying anything for 10 of the previous 15 years before taking office. Now, I understand that I'm preaching to the choir (mostly). I also understand that this is not all new information. I bring it up because, frankly, if you've been complaining about Joe Biden or you're somehow in the undecided column, you need to stop, and you need to do the right thing and get behind a candidate that has America's better interests at heart. As you can see, there is far too much to lose.

Enough! We can no longer follow; we need to lead. We need to take charge and we need to activate. Which means phone calling and making sure that those ballots that started landing in everyone's mail boxes get filled out and sent in. I talked with a dozen of the town clerks in Windham County; everyone I spoke with has the ability for you to drop that ballot off without making contact with anyone! If this president has shaken your confidence in the U.S. Postal Service, well, that is truly too bad; so simply go to your town office and drop it off. Just don't let that ballot sit around for too long. Maybe a little motivation: every ballot that doesn't get sent in is one vote for Trump that doesn't get cancelled out.

We need to landslide this election, a big blue wave the like of which they've never seen. Trump wants to call the mail-in ballot fraud, because deep down we know that large numbers of voters at the polls always results in Democratic wins. Trump has a lot to lose by not winning this election so he will do and say anything; keep that in mind and vote!

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