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Case in point! Trump has damaged this country’s belief system so badly that half of us (if not more) think his diagnosis is a stunt, not true, and just another way to manipulate his base. We used to live in a time that, when an announcement was made that the president was taken to Walter Reed Hospital we would pause, and get concerned, or at the very least not doubt the motivations behind it. It absolutely would make sense that Trump would have coronavirus. He constantly bucks the science, mocks those that wear a mask, holds big public gatherings ... he virtually does everything he’s not supposed to. The only thing he hasn’t done is walk around licking handrails and doorknobs … I mean, as far as we know.

Then on Sunday, for a show of strength and reassurance, he wantonly put at least two other people in danger with a short motorcade around D.C. Those people in the hermetically sealed SUV will now have to quarantine for 14 days. Do they have family and loved ones? Did they have things to do? It just flat out doesn’t matter to President Combover; it just doesn’t matter! At this point if we’re not looking at a full psyche evaluation of this man, we’re the crazy ones. Whether he has coronavirus and whether this is a ploy to push some fake cure to try and save his campaign, or a ploy to show that he is strong enough to survive, we may never know the true answer. His complete and utter disregard for others, given the information we’re working with, demands a good old fashion check-up from the neck up.

Two hundred and ten thousand people are dead. I’m gathering that three quarters of them died without getting to have their family around them — maybe just a nurse holding up a cell phone for a final goodbye. People died in rooms alone because of this man’s mismanagement of the pandemic. Weddings were cancelled, families were kept apart; I myself literally haven’t hugged my own father since the middle of March in the name of safety. I’ve been selfless in my actions as have most of you. I’ve acted in a way that doesn’t make me look like an entitled baby, as have most of you. But this last stunt … he’s literally shooting people on 5th Avenue, and we shouldn’t be okay with that. It can’t be the latest thing in a line of crazy that we just brush off! Have we forgotten already about the $750 in taxes? Have we forgotten about his inability to condemn white supremacy? Have we forgotten about him making an absolute mockery of the last presidential debate? Have we forgotten that he’s ignoring the wishes of a revered woman and appointing an unqualified candidate to the Supreme Court? And that’s just the last few weeks.

After a weekend stay at the hospital he once again returns to the Peoples House, putting even more lives at risk for another dog and COVID show. He walks up the stairs as a fully infected individual and rips off his mask with people close enough to fall into the spray of that malignant corona hole! More wanton disregard for anything or anyone not named Donald J. Trump. He has indeed turned the White House into a super spreader. He hasn’t made America great again, he’s made it gravely ill with his constant denouncement of science and mocking the press. For 45 months (not 47, this guy can’t even count) he has pulled racist groups out of the shadows to further divide this country. He has turned the American flag into a symbol of hate and division. Everything he comes in contact with dies morally and now just dies.

I was listening to the radio the other day. An Army combat doctor was talking about the pandemic and the importance of mask wearing, and distancing will continue to be important for some time. He went on to speak to how battles are won, and that this COVID-19 crisis was indeed a battle. You spread out so it’s harder to get hit when you’re spread apart. This is the piece this president doesn’t want to acknowledge. So, on and before November 3 we must send this administration a clear mandate! The American people want their country back!

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