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Have you seen a Sheriff’s Department cruiser with solid blue lights in your neighborhood?

As a part of its community policing efforts, the Windham County Sheriff's Department has begun ‘Blue Light Patrols’ in Putney and Westminster. During the month of October, deputies will be patrolling the neighborhoods after sunset at low speeds with solid, non-flashing, blue lights. ‘Blue Light Patrols’ are said to provide more visibility of night patrols in the community. The goals of these patrols are to make the residents feel safe knowing that police are out there and be a strong visible deterrent to any criminal activities. If you encounter a Windham County Sheriff’s Office cruiser with solid, non-flashing, blue lights you do not need to take any action, motorists do not need to pull over unless the blue lights are flashing and/or there is an audible siren.

If you have any questions or feedback on the ‘Blue Light Patrol’ program, contact Corporal Bryan Jalava at 802-365-4940 or