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The Cheshire County Republican Committee has unanimously approved a resolution calling upon President Joe Biden to resign or, failing that, be removed from office for “his bungled withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan that resulted in the needless death of 13 members of the Armed Forces.”

The resolution criticized Biden for incompetence and failure to conduct the withdrawal with due care, directly causing the loss of military lives. The GOP group noted that prior to the withdrawal, US forces had not suffered a combat fatality in Afghanistan in the previous year and a half.

“It is one thing when Joe Biden thoughtlessly careens from one policy blunder to the next, but in this case, his carelessness wasted the lives of 13 young Americans,” stated Richard Merkt, chairman of the Committee, who added, “As a simple matter of military and public safety, America cannot afford to have Biden remain in office.”

Merkt noted that the committee’s action did not stem from partisan policy differences. Rather, he said committee members were motivated by their recognition that no one can count on Joe Biden to make appropriate choices to protect American lives.

“Over the past eight months, Americans have grown increasingly concerned as Joe Biden has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he is not up to the job of serving as Chief Executive,” said Merkt. “Now his inadequacy has had lethal consequences. Shame on Congress if, following this needless tragedy, it allows this situation to continue.”

“After publicly promising to get every last American out of Afghanistan safely, Joe Biden left numerous US citizens stranded in Afghanistan, where they are subject to the violent whims of the Taliban,” declared Merkt. “Biden has proven that he cannot be trusted to ensure the safety of either our troops or citizens. He must resign now or be removed from office before more American lives are thrown away.”