Gregory M. Thayer

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With the Aug. 9 primaries fast approaching, Vermont News & Media sent a questionnaire out to candidates with three questions: 1) What qualifications make you the best candidate for this office? 2) What are the three most important issues or challenges going forward and how would you address them? and 3) What Vermont traditions do we need to preserve in the Green Mountain State? Their responses will be published over the next two weeks.Gregory M. Thayer, Rutland, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor

Qualifications: I’m a Vermont resident with over 35 years of professional business experience. I have been involved in both local and Vermont politics for over 25 years. I served on the Rutland City Board of Aldermen, and in various City of Rutland Committees and non-profit organizations doing work with many people with diverse backgrounds. Also, I have raised four awesome children and that prepares you for everything. I’m a Constitutionalist; I support your rights embodied in that cherished document. Further, I respect people; I’m an excellent listener that will bring people together building coalitions.

Issues and challenges: First, affordability and cost of living in Vermont. Taxes are too high and there is too much government regulation. The democrat leadership is trying to get total government control, trying to be all things to all people. When I’m elected lieutenant governor, I will work endlessly to get government out of the way and return Vermont back to “We The People!”

Secondly, public safety. Government’s top priority is to protect the citizenry. We need to give our law enforcement community every tool possible to do their jobs, including qualified immunity. We are a state of laws and they must be enforced and prosecuted. We must stop the drug abuse and gang-like activities in our state, and we must clamp down on the homeless crime behaviors.

Third, stop the attacks on our children in our schools. I toured Vermont doing Critical Race Theory townhalls around our state listening to thousands of Vermonters. They are highly concerned and people want to stop the teachings of CRT, SEL, sex education, and the “woke” culture in our schools that are negatively affecting our children. Additionally, I support the 2nd Amendment and Article 16 in our constitutions and I’m working to defeat Prop 5/Article 22. I believe in people, not government, and with listening to each other with respect, we can solve and make Vermont a great place to live, work and play!

Vermont traditions: Our independence, our work ethic, kindness and personal responsibility. Vermont is the greatest place on God’s green Earth. We are fighters that have led our great nation in many positive events from Ethan Allen and Seth Warner, to not allowing slavery on these grounds since 1777, to answering President Lincoln’s call in 1861 to save a great nation and end slavery, to the industrial revolution with great businesses in the marble industry and the railroad systems linking America, to modern day accomplishments. We are Vermonters, proud people, respectful and generous.