Laurel Green

Laurel Green of Bellows Falls, seen here with her environmental handprint, will help host a free online workshop by the Living Earth Action Group on Dec. 10.

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Join the Living Earth Action Group for a free online workshop focusing on a positive, new way to look at our relationship with our planet. The group will meet on Zoom from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 10.

Laurel Green, a climate activist living in Bellows Falls, will help participants celebrate environmental actions already taken and set future goals. This workshop is based on a recently published book titled "Our Environmental Handprints: Recover the Land, Reverse Global Warming, Reclaim the Future," by Jon Biemer.

You may know what your ecological footprint is already. Maybe you have used an online calculator to add up all the resources you require use. Now, you get to decide what complementary actions you want to take to heal the life systems on which all life depends. In short — footprints are what you use and handprints are what you give back to the earth.

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