Jon Heydenreich

Jon Heydenreich

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A classmate from college read this column, recognized my name, and contacted me. Maybe we meet for coffee in beautiful downtown Brattleboro. I feel a little ill at ease over this.

She is almost famous. High-powered job. Influential. Retired and decided to learn the violin. Now she plays in an orchestra and — all this in retirement. You really have to be talented.

I retired too. Kind of. And I run up our ski jump steps. I paint houses. I am not so sure I accomplished all that much when I was working full time. An ordinary life.

Meeting with her, I will feel like a comparative nobody. I remember her as being especially kind-hearted. She will not look at me as a nobody.

The problem, you see, is mine. We can be dismissive of the ordinary things we do. Be mindful of the seemingly inconsequential matters of your day. They might not be as ordinary as some of us contemplate.

Jon Heydenreich is pastor at Brattleboro’s Trinity Lutheran Church.