Jon Heydenreich

Jon Heydenreich

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I have been married 37 years. Maybe it is 39. I forget. Early dementia. I am not certain that it makes much difference anyway.

Every day, or maybe once a week, my wife does something which leaves me perplexed. I did not realize this about her 39 years ago! Heck, I did not realize this about her last week. In this manner, married life has been an adventure. Who knows what will be revealed next week! For the most part, I think I can wait.

In 39 years my wife and I have talked a lot. We have done a lot together, but there remains this hidden aspect of our being which gets revealed here and there.

So when someone says to me, “You have to know God or Allah or Yahweh, or even someone else...” I always feel like a dummy. Insecure. Diminished. I have a hard time knowing my wife after these 39 years of fairly decent two-way communication. I don’t know. Well, that is the point – I don’t know. Embrace the mystery.

Be mindful – life is shrouded in mystery. Live into it.

Jon Heydenreich is pastor at Brattleboro’s Trinity Lutheran Church.