Jon Heydenreich

Jon Heydenreich

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“I am spiritual but not religious.” The person who said that was kind of proud of themselves. I think it is the new saying these days.

I know a lot of folks who are spiritual, but I am not so certain I want to be lumped with them. In my view some bizarre stuff passes for “spiritual.” And this “religious” idea. Spare me. The way religion is portrayed in the media is frightening to me. So I stay away from “religious.”

I have a role in my church. They call me pastor, or some of them do. But when I meet someone from outside this realm, I try to avoid the title. I see how some pastors are portrayed in the news and I want to run away from that as fast as I can. Same thing with being called “Christian.” In our time, “Christian” has more political connotations than anything else. So I try to avoid that descriptive as well.

Call me Jon. Need to describe me? Then watch. I am basically self-centered and on occasion I do something good, when I allow that presence bigger than myself to affect me. I can live with that.

Be mindful of your descriptives.

Jon Heydenreich is pastor at Brattleboro’s Trinity Lutheran Church.