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“Real Simple” magazine sat on the kitchen table. Our latest purchase. Here we go – a magazine on how to simplify your life. I am betting it accumulates dust with all the other stuff. You have to shake your head.

My wife gave away my college era size 34 pants. “You will never fit into these again! You are what – a 42 now?!” Well, I lost those 8 inches, so there is that. At least for a few weeks I could have fit into those old pants before I, inevitably, begin the outward journey again.

Books. I have a few that I have not read – yet. They are on the list of matters to tend to. One day I get to them and check them off my list so I make that final journey in peace. Actually I have come to grips with the reality I will never read them.

I have a friend who collects rocks from her travels. I told her spouse, be happy it is not jewelry.

Life can be one long process of collecting stuff… and holding on to it. How many coffee cups do I need: my regular one, the back-up in case the regular one breaks, the back-up to the back-up and the other 15 in case a busload of people stop in for coffee some morning.

It can be hard for our heirs to throw out our stuff. We are doing our kids a favor. Maybe someone can use what we no longer use.

Be mindful of the future.

Jon Heydenreich is pastor at Brattleboro’s Trinity Lutheran Church.