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At my old church we had a person who tended to the gardens. She threw the seeds, the plants grew — beautiful and wild. Flowers everywhere and of all sizes. She had an amazing touch.

She moved.

Another person took her place. Wonderful soul. Very organized. She had a landscaper plan her gardens at her house. Plants were gorgeous, color coordinated, nicely spaced, synchronized blooming. You can guess what she did at the church.

Some of us love order, planning, having everything set and organized, be it gardens or in other areas of life. Good luck. I suspect this desire speaks, at least in part, to our desire to be in control. I think, taken to an extreme, this is the yellow brick road to disappointment, frustration and despair. Life does not work out according to our plans. For that matter it is a rare day that does not have its moments.

Our garden at home is wild, disorderly, filled with surprises. We look for the beauty and the good. I think of it as a symbol of life. It is perfect, but that depends on your mindset.

Jon Heydenreich is pastor at Brattleboro’s Trinity Lutheran Church.