Jon Heydenreich

Jon Heydenreich

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I am tired. Someone else can. I do not have that background. Tomorrow. Never done that. Never been there before. People will judge me. Tomorrow. I was brought up that way. I am hungry. They have more money. Tomorrow. That is too much for me. I am old. Tomorrow.

My knee, hip, neck, head hurts. I am too busy. There are more important things to do. Tomorrow. My favorite show is on. No time. I can’t. I would rather ... the kids, the spouse, the friend ... my job ... You just do not understand ... Maybe tomorrow. It is too hot. It is raining. It is cold. I do not want to. The older folks can do it. Tomorrow.

Not in this wind. Costs too much. Tomorrow. I am stressed. This has been a horrible day. I have done enough. Not with all I am going through. Tomorrow. I am angry with them. The young people should do it. Not worth my while. I am too weak. That is too far to go. Tomorrow. It won’t make any difference. I am too heavy. It takes too long. Tomorrow.

Someone else can do it. I did not cause that. I am hungry. It is not my responsibility. I need a break. Tomorrow. I do not care. What difference does it make? That is too hard. No time. Tomorrow. Someone else can tend to it. They get paid to do it. I need a break. I have done enough. Tomorrow.

Someone else. Someone else. Someone else.

It is partial list.

Be mindful — You. Me. Now.

Jon Heydenreich is pastor at Brattleboro’s Trinity Lutheran Church.