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After training for 9 months, denying myself anything with sugar, pizza, ice cream, cheesecake, key lime pie, I figured I deserved a break after my event was over. So I stopped exercising at the same level. I also began to eat. And eat. And eat. I deserved a break!

The problem is that once I start on that path, changing direction is like getting one of those cruise ships to stop and turn around. Today is the day it all stops! Then the breakdown at Rite Aid buying the cheap, but tasty, Thrifty ice cream… which is on sale no less. They should make me a poster boy for Thrifty. Some folks can have a scoop. I do that too – one scoop per minute. Today’s the day… but there is that Thrifty in the ice box. Well, tomorrow. Then another stop at Rite Aid. Depressing.

For me, and I stress for me, I have to get focused. Some would call it borderline obsessive. I have to focus my mind on where I want to be. I need embrace anxiety instead of relieving it by eating. Focus. That is how my ship begins the turn. And I stress – my ship.

Be mindful where you want to be. Focus.

Jon Heydenreich is pastor at Brattleboro’s Trinity Lutheran Church.