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Kurn Hattin Homes’ dean of students, Will Gardner, serves up bangers and mash as Melanie Atkin looks on.

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WESTMINSTER — The Kurn Hattin Homes provides children with many opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise and lunch on Oct. 7 was one of those opportunities.

A special English lunch was planned and served by the dean of students, Mr. Will Gardner. Mr. Gardner grew up in the city of Liverpool — the home of the Fab Four (The Beatles) and the famous soccer team.

The menu was from a few of his mum’s favorite recipes bangers (proper English sausages) and mash with onion gravy. For dessert, the kitchen crew made trifle (sponge cake and fruit covered with layers of custard, jelly, and whipped cream), a special treat Mr. Gardner usually ate once a year at Christmastime. It was perfect. The children loved the meal and even asked for seconds.

“Your mom must be famous if she has her own recipes,” stated one child.

Have you ever wondered how bangers got their name? During World War I, there was a meat shortage in Europe. Food had to be rationed. Less meat was used in sausages and more water was added. This caused the sausages to explode and “bang” while cooking—hence, the name “bangers”!