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TOWNSHEND — Leland and Gray Union Middle High School named the following students to the Honor Roll for the second quarter:

Grade 12

High Honors: Dylan Greenwood, Abbie Hazelton, Alexander Mayotte, Nicole Sanderson, Emma Stover.

Honors: Riley Barton, Matthew Dunn, Lily Dutton, Matthew Emerson, Brandon Holcomb, Marcus Pratt.

Grade 11

High Honors: Katelyn Petty.

Honors: Elijah Boucher, Tyler Claussen, Ansley Henderson, Emma O’Brien, Avery VanHendrick.

Grade 10

High Honors: Kailuna Holmes, Ainsley Meyer, Ruth Wright.

Honors: Hannah Greenwood, Parker Richardson, Callie Wicker.

Grade 9

Honors: Theo Kelloway, Matthew Winkler.

Grade 8

High Honors: Isabella Bowen, Abigail Coyne, Abram Newton, Alora Zargo.

Honors: Sierra Berrie, Christopher Longo, Hannah Meagher, Ella Meeks, Padraig Parker, Kian Seiz.

Grade 7

Honors: Amaya Arnold, Anthony Bills, Destiny Bills, Kyleigh Corriveau, Marley Felker, Jacob Flood, Ruby Hallenbeck, Jacob Howe, Asher Jones, Nyah Ryan, Dakota Wood, Grace Wright, Rocco Zenick.

Grade 6

High Honors: Antero Brown-McCoard, Rowan Mattson, Josanna Passino, Bela Vanni-Phillips.

Honors: Dezrah Bills, Spencer Claussen, Ronan Foley, Shaely O’Dou, Jasper Royals, Miles Seiz

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