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Since we began the honor and pleasure of writing Dining with David & Myra, we have been asked pretty much the same questions by friends and strangers alike. So we thought we would take this opportunity to answer the questions we are asked most often. Here we go.


Many people swear by diligent meal planning efforts and dedicate themselves to it religiously each week. I was recently contacted by a local California newspaper to discuss meal planning for an article addressing just that. I started thinking about how to position myself as an expert meal pl…


Someone recently told me he thought my column was going to be all about the foods I loved as a kid, featuring my Gramma’s favorite recipes. First, as I’ve mentioned, I was a hefty kid, so my favorite childhood foods would be malted milkshakes and, though delish, they’d never make the cut, si…


Like an odometer on a car, our numbers seem to tick up each year as we keep on trucking. Another calendar year complete, many of us are booking our physicals and planning our cleanses and dry Januarys. We plan for our bloodwork at our annual check-ups, doing our due diligence, but how much d…

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