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As we roar past Thanksgiving in the express lane to Christmas, many of us may have spent a post-turkey moment lolling on the couch, our bellies protruding, unable to keep our eyes open in food coma bliss (or discomfort). Tryptophan has long taken the blame for our post-holiday dinner sleepy …


MANCHESTER — The executive editor at Vermont News & Media issued a challenge: Find top spots for breakfast — for $20 per person or less in the Northshire. After discussion, some delicious breakfasts, and one false start — beware past visits and current Yelpers — our intrepid team has the…

The three books being reviewed here are grouped together for one reason: their publisher is Countryman Press. Why should that matter? The press is local, having been founded in Taftsville and now residing in Woodstock.

I had eaten too much. Way too much. For the third time in a week, we’d had the chicken tikka masala my hubby concocted and yet I couldn’t get enough. It wasn’t maltodextrin or artificial sweeteners this time. It was so delectable that my own gluttony kicked in, my taste buds demanding more a…

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