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New Hampshire might eliminate Rte. 9 passing lane

CHESTERFIELD, N.H. — The town's Board of Selectmen is asking the state to eliminate a passing lane on Route 9 just west of its intersection with Route 63. The board is also asking the New …

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A Vermont Table takes over the old Backside Cafe BRATTLEBORO — The Backside Cafe closed in 2015 and sat empty for a couple of years. But since 2018 or so, people have noticed activity in the old restaurant in the Midtown Mall in Harmony Lot, …
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PUTNEY — Todd Harlow, a manager at Harlow's Sugar House in Putney, checks nearly 2,000 taps in a section of woods on Monday, Feb. 17, before the sap starts running heavy. more
BELLOWS FALLS — Michele Ohayon has only lived in Rockingham since 2015, but in her own words she is "passionate" about the town. Ohayon, 55, who moved to Rockingham from Las Vegas five years … more
MONTPELIER — Attorney General T.J. Donovan announced that a southern Vermont man was arraigned Friday on five felony counts of possession of child sexual abuse images. Antonia Tyson, 53, of … more
BRATTLEBORO — In 1888 the General Assembly of the State of Vermont passed an act to create a Revised Roster of Vermont troops in the War of Rebellion. Theodore Peck, the Vermont Adjutant … more
BELLOWS FALLS — Susan Hammond thinks about the "big picture," whether it is working with veterans who are victims of Agent Orange in Southeast Asia, or working on issues in her hometown of … more
BENNINGTON — Six people were arrested Wednesday on charges of possessing, selling and conspiracy to distribute heroin after police found around 7 grams of suspected heroin at a Bennington … more
BRATTLEBORO — A childhood board game involving candy and colorful squares became a full-size treat at the Brooks Memorial Library, in Brattleboro, Vt., as people acted as the characters of the … more
HINSDALE, N.H. — The completion date for a new bridge connecting Hinsdale to Brattleboro has been pushed out again. This is because the bidding date was changed from May to August, said Don … more
TOWNSHEND — Looking to return to the West River Education District board, Mike Foley sees himself as an advocate to the communities. Foley, 48, said community members have told him he … more
WILMINGTON — The metal historical markers next to and affixed to the street side of 30 West Main St. do not show the year 1967. One of them notes the house was moved to its present location, … more

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