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HINSDALE, N.H. — Multiple fire departments from three states responded to a three-alarm fire that engulfed a home on 76 High Street early Friday evening. There were no injuries reported, but the fate of two pet dogs was uncertain.

Crews responded to a three-alarm fire in Hinsdale.

Hinsdale Fire Chief Terry Zavarotny said the fire started in the garage and quickly spread to the entire house.

“Before I even got here on scene it was fully involved,” Zavarotny said. “I went up to a third alarm to get us some more manpower here. We used everybody we had. There were a lot of guys in the building when I got here. We tried to do an interior attack but the second floor was too compromised to get in there, so we got everybody out and now we’re doing an exterior attack.”

Crews responded to a three-alarm fire in Hinsdale.

Neighbor Mike Phillips said he heard screaming outside and thought some children were in trouble.

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“The screaming got a little too out of hand, so I took a little peek,” Phillips said. “The garage was just smoking and it was up in flames. I came outside and probably within 20 minutes the whole house was on fire. About four minutes later the fire department showed up, and then four other departments showed up. I’m pretty sure everybody got out. I’m unsure about the two dogs.”

Crews responded to a three-alarm fire in Hinsdale.

Another neighbor, Kyle Cassavaugh, said family members were out back on their patio and saw smoke starting to go up from the next house over.

“It got higher, and we jumped up to see,” Cassavaugh said. “We were, like, was it somebody burning dinner or was the house on fire? And it was the house on fire. The fire department was very fast, but in a matter of five minutes the house was fully engulfed.”

Rachel Rondeau, who helped organize a donation drive for the owners Jeffrey and Sheila Domingue, said financial contributions can be provided via The couple is part of a family of six displaced by the fire, according to the page, which raised more than $5,500 by Sunday morning.

Rondeau can be contacted about donations by email at or text message at 413-768-9333. Brattleboro Subaru, where Sheila works, also is accepting donations.

“The family is overwhelmed by the love, support and generosity of so many people and want to express their appreciation,” Rondeau said.