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The heat didn’t stop people from enjoying the 72nd annual Grace Cottage Hospital Fair Day in Townshend on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2022.

TOWNSHEND — Despite the heat, a large crowd of people gathered at the Townshend Common to enjoy food, music, and good sales that were part of the 72nd annual Grace Cottage Hospital Fair Day on Aug. 6.

In the picturesque common, a small group of people held a parade to honor the people born at that hospital.

Andrea Seaton, senior director of development and community relations for Grace Cottage Hospital, said people told her it was the most positive, chill, wonderful event.

“People are being so giving and generous with their time and their dollars,” said Seaton. “This is a big fundraiser for Grace Cottage; it’s our biggest fundraiser for our emergency department.”

Seaton added that the hospital is expanding its emergency department to almost double in size. The reason for the increase according to Seaton is that their emergency department volume has gone up exponentially. “And so all of the proceeds from today’s fair will go to Grace Cottage’s emergency department expansion,” said Seaton.