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Members of the Brattleboro Fire Department run through a confined space training at Central Station on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

BRATTLEBORO — According to the dictionary, claustrophobia is having an extreme or irrational fear of confined places.

To help combat those fears, Brattleboro Fire Department held an annual training to practice entering into confined spaces.

Going into a dark tight tunnel is something that many people fear, but for first responders, they have to set those fears aside to help save a life.

A two-firefighter team enters the dark maze of bends and pipe size changes with a small tank of air and a communication line to the crew outside as they make their way to a trapped subject.

Assistant Chief Charles Keir III said the training also fosters a relationship with the Department of Public Works as it lets the fire department borrow different sized drainage pipes to crawl through.

“We try to certify all our folks in confined spaces on an annual level,’’ said Keir. “This training is really important to the overall operation of our department; we’re an all-hazards department, and confined space falls within that along with other aspects of the technical rescue.”