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BRATTLEBORO — A Bellows Falls woman was released on conditions on July 29 after being arrested for assaulting a police officer.

According to information filed in Windham Superior Court, Criminal Division, Amanda Ellis, 32, was charged with one count of disorderly conduct for fighting, one count of resisting arrest and one count of simple assault of a police officer after an incident that occurred on the night of July 27 after a traffic stop on Granger Street in Bellows Falls.

Bellows Falls Police Officer Craig Watrous wrote in an affidavit filed with the court that he responded to a request for assistance from Corporal Michael Keefe, who had initiated the traffic stop, at just before 10 p.m.

“Upon arrival I observed Corporal Keefe on the lawn of 17 Granger Street with four people standing around him, consisting of two males and two females,” wrote Watrous.

Watrous wrote that he recognized one of the females as Jenna French, 22, and the other as Ellis. Keefe asked Watrous to keep Ellis away from him while he was attempting to reach the driver of the vehicle, Brent Thibodeau, 34.

“Corporal Keefe advised me to keep her away from him as she was attempting to physically pull [him] away from Brent Thibodeau ... Corporal Keefe advised she had grabbed his arm twice ...”

Watrous also wrote that he recognized the other male, Christopher Thompson, 33, “who I am familiar with from previous law enforcement contact.”

“Ellis kept attempting to advance on Corporal Keefe and interject herself in the traffic stop,” wrote Watrous.

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By this time, Detective Sergeant Mario Checchi arrive on scene to assist. Both Watrous and Checchi gave Ellis multiple commands to walk away and stop attempting to interfere in Corporal Keefe’s traffic stop.

“She failed to comply and advised us to arrest her,” wrote Watrous. After Ellis attempted one more time to advance on Keefe, she was arrested.

“Ellis repeatedly attempted to hinder me from closing the door to the cruiser by wedging her leg and foot in the way of the door,” wrote Watrous. “I gave her multiple commands that she needed to move her leg as she was under arrest. She failed to comply, and I had to forcibly move her leg and push her into the back seat of the cruiser for transport.”

Upon arrival at the Bellows Falls Police Department, Ellis refused to get out of the cruiser and Checchi and Watrous had to pull her from the vehicle, at which time she went limp and started to fall to the ground.

“We stood her up and attempted to get her to walk in the door. She failed to comply with our orders, and we had to pull her into the Bellows Falls Police Department and place her in the holding cell,” wrote Watrous.

While in the cell, Ellis asked for toilet paper. When Keefe opened the door and attempted to hand Ellis the toilet paper, Ellis attempted to force her way out of the cell, causing the heavy door to crush Keefe’s right hand between the cell door and the outer office door,” wrote Watrous. “Due to Ellis’s combative behavior, she was not fingerprinted or photographed.”

During her arraignment, Ellis pleaded not guilty to the charges. Her next day in court has not yet been scheduled.

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