After 53 years of being open, 35 of them being run by Linda, above, and Andrew McKeever, Christmas Days will be closing its doors for good.

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ARLINGTON — After 53 years of being open, 35 of them being run by Linda and Andrew McKeever, Christmas Days will be closing its doors for good.

The McKeevers moved to Arlington in June 1987 after a stint in New York. Linda McKeever’s parents, Vi and Bill Day, had started Christmas Days — a play on words — in July 1969.

Her parents grew up in Queens, N.Y., but they came up to Vermont every summer with Bill Day’s family.

“He dragged my poor little Queens mom, city girl, up here in ‘59,” when Linda was just a kid, she said.

Her parents always wanted to have their own business. So, when a friend opened a Christmas shop in Massachusetts, the Days and their friend worked together to start their separate businesses in Vermont.

“Christmas stores were a new thing,” said McKeever. “A very new thing.”

The couple rented two rooms in what used to be the Enchanted Dollhouse in Manchester. Then, in the summer of ’69, “it took off like a rocket,” she said.

Although they looked in the area for another place to build, her family already owned the property where Christmas Days currently resides. Her parents decided 6279 Vermont Route 7A in Arlington was the best place to build.

When Linda’s parents made the decision to retire, the McKeevers were living in New York City. Andrew was teaching at a prep school, and Linda was working on Wall Street.

“We sort of said, ‘Well, should we give it a shot?’” said Linda. “Because once it goes out of the family, it’s gone.”

So, the McKeevers took over the Day family business. Linda said one of the things she worked hard to maintain was “trying to create a feeling and atmosphere of Christmas.”

She proudly spoke of the custom pieces, like garland and wreaths, that the shop produced.

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“Young couples who come in, and they’re starting out, people who’ve just bought a house. It’s the personal part of it,” McKeever said. “I think that makes it special.”

She also believes that “people are attracted to the family part.” Families come back year after year to get their special customized ornaments. She spoke about one family who has a tree full of personalized ornaments, and “it’s all my handwriting.” McKeever said if she’s not at the store, the family will wait to get items personalized by her.

“You become a part of their Christmas story,” she said.

Every year, prior to COVID-19, Christmas Days had a Santa come to the shop — the same Santa every year. This Santa started the season on the “Today” show, in the Neiman Marcus catalog, and as the Kardashian’s Santa.

Then he came to Arlington and be Santa at Christmas Days. He had dinner with the McKeevers in their home.

“He loved it here,” said Linda.

She plans on staying in touch with everyone she’s met, even after the store closes.

“Which is what makes it hard to leave, it’s the people,” she said. She knows she will stay connected and the relationships won’t disappear.

McKeever is positive the spirit of Christmas will live on in her life. In her home, “we sort of celebrate just the joy of Christmas, because we’re crazy Christmas people.”

She also plans to stay involved on the board of the Manchester Community Library, and Andrew will stay involved with the community as a journalist for GNAT-TV.

As of now, they are not disclosing what plans they have for the shop. Christmas Days will officially close once all of the inventory is gone.